LMAS Rainbows – January 26, 2011 – Part 1

430009 — behavior observed

430087 — behavior observed; turns aggressive if it sees another cat and cd

430219 — behavior observed

430272 — behavior observed

430317 — behavior observed; fearful

430490 — behavior observed, fearful

430491 — behavior observed, fearful

430284 — feral

430459 — feral; cat also has abcess on face, unable to treat due to behavior

429524 — medical; upper respiratory, runny eyes, congested

429525 — medical; medical; upper respiratory, runny eyes, congested

4 thoughts on “LMAS Rainbows – January 26, 2011 – Part 1

  1. funny how Waynes internet skills couldn’t be put to better use finding homes for these animals and managing his shelter better instead of starting up sham companies. wonder if he includes tours of LMAS for his VIP clients.

  2. Come to MAS and help out or adopt one of the cats they believe is fearful and make it a pet. Or foster one of these and find it a home.

  3. Turner, they wont allow those cats to be adopted! Not a single behavior problem will be allowed to be adopted or fostered- that is a liability issue. Once they are deemed fearful, they are dead.
    no ifs ands or buts about it.BUT fearful is quite different than FERAL.
    also, if you go to volunteer, used to be against policy to allow a volunteer to handle any aggressive animal. again, liability.. easier said than done my friend. some of those cats are truely aggressive, not just fearful… no hand can touch them.
    Question: Why are they holding those cats like they are choking them? Not the scruffing but the way they are holding them up in the air, looks like by the neck. That isnt how you hold a cat.

  4. LMAS employees should know that you should NEVER hold an adult cat by the scruff without supporting the bottom of the animal, This is painful. However, I would like to hold a few of them up by the back of the neck and euthanize them with a smile on my face……..KARMA……. she’s a coming!!!!!!!

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