LMAS Over-Compensating On At Least One Front

Look, I’m not going to completely criticize Louisville Metro Animal Services for working to get more volunteers organized, but take a look at this:

But. How the heck is a single part-time LMAS employee supposed to handle nine (9) volunteer orientations in the next 20 days?

No one at LMAS wants to answer my questions but I get the sense that this is a move by Sadiqa Reynolds to push some major CYA.

Oh, and a heads-up to LMAS folks who think I’ve gone dormant on your front rather than give you time to get your ducks in a row: just expect me.

5 thoughts on “LMAS Over-Compensating On At Least One Front

  1. Has the audit been completed? What would Sadiqa Reynolds have anything to do with increasing the number of orientations? Wouldn’t that be a recommendation that should come from the audit committee if it was determined to be necessary?

  2. Shari: Maybe because she rolled out there and increased them? (Since you folks can’t read between the lines of what I say sometimes)

  3. I agree with JTT that it can be done. And I agree with Jake that it is a lot, and the reason for so many orientations is probably to address the low level of volunteers MAS has had for a while. Lots of dogs to be walked and people always complain nobody answers the phone so maybe these areas will get better coverage. And Manslick animals and staff could use help too! And this focuses the volunteer director on functions related to that person’s primary job duty. And its CYA! : )

  4. Poor Karen Dickson is paid for part-time work! How is she suppose to do all of those orientations, petsmart orientations and her regular duties???? They are trying to get rid of her!!! If that happens, it will be a grave mistake. She cares and works more than anyone there!!

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