LMAS Director Resigns – Effective Immediately

Louisville Metro Animal Services director Wayne Zelinsky has resigned.

Effective immediately.

Though I have been able to get confirmation, I hear Debbie Fox may step in as the interim director.

There’ll be a 1:00 P.M. press conference today to discuss everything.

Crap. Sorry. Forgot to include the press release:

Mayor Greg Fischer today named Debbie Fox as the new interim leader of Metro Animal Services, following the resignation of Director Wayne Zelinsky.

Fox, currently Deputy Director of MetroSafe, will oversee animal control for the city while the Fischer administration conducts a national search for a new full-time director and completes a top-to-bottom review of Animal Services.

Fox will remain in the new role until April, when Fischer plans to name a permanent director for Animal Services. She was named Communications Center Director of Year in 2010 by the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials.

“Debbie is a solid leader who has been nationally recognized and has a proven track record in customer service,” Fischer said. “I’m confident that she will effectively manage Animal Services during this transition period.”

Last month, Fischer named a committee to audit Animal Services and a separate committee to search for a new leader. The review and search are being overseen by Sadiqa Reynolds, Chief of Community Building for the city. Applications for the Director of Animal Services are being accepted until Feb. 14.

Zelinsky submitted his resignation, effective immediately, this morning.

What a great birthday gift.

28 thoughts on “LMAS Director Resigns – Effective Immediately

  1. While many have been calling for the ousting of Wayne Zelinsky give credit where it is due. Jake you went the extra mile in this case and many of us are grateful including me. Excellent work and the animals are grateful as well as many of us who are animal lovers.

    Good job!

  2. Way to go. Thanks for not dropping the ball on this one.

    Fischer staff (we know you’re here): You suck! We’re watching!

    What a low bar you’ve set for yourselves. Not even a fancy ice machine would cool us off on this one.

  3. I appreciate the kind words. But this is not about me. It’s really not. So let’s please not make it about me.

    This is about the thousands of animals that have suffered over the past few years.

    This is about the terrific staff at LMAS who have been tortured at Zelinsky’s hand – and at Meloche’s hand before he resigned.

  4. Understood. Just giving kudos to the “machine” really. Without it, this WOULD NOT have happened, we all know.

    It really sucks though that his side-line operation seems to be what did him in, not the mistreatment of the animals/employees.

  5. THIS APPARENTLY WONDERFUL RESULT should NOT END THE INVESTIGATION of this corrupt public official. In my opinion the investigation should NOW be full-blown. We need to get to the bottom of WHY this could happen under the Happy Pants ‘administration’ and NEVER EVER BECOME PUBLIC until it got so far out of bounds that the City, itself, was becoming a lurid joke — what with ‘female/male after-hours solicitation’!!!!!! My God.

  6. Right on Highlander. Cudos to Jake, a true journalist, seeking the truth and the brave LMAS employees and volunteers who risked a great deal to shed the light of transparency on this mess and who spoke for the animals who had no voice. Louisville does have some good things. Hopefully we will have an award winning Director in place soon and all of us can come together to make LMAS a place that we can all be very proud of.

  7. Thank goodness for the people at LMAS willing to say enough and stand up for these animals and thank goodness for you Jake for giving those people a place where their voices would be amplified and heard.

    Its pathetic that it was not animal abuse and abuse of power that brought this SOB down, rathe his sleazy side business but I will take it. It would never have happened if it were not for the whistleblowers and Jake. No thank yous to our pathetic local news and paper. Too little and too late.

    As for the Fischer administration- this is all on you. Clean it up.

  8. Oh my goodness. Incredible! I am so glad he is gone. He should have gone when Meloche left! Too bad for all of the poor animals that they had to suffer at his hands.

    Now lets do a great job in finding the right person for this position. I do not know Ms Fox, but I hope she has compassion and is prepared to work like crazy to help the animals of this city! They have suffered for too long!

  9. Well, folks I’m not going anywhere any time soon. And I have done a ton of research, amassed a ton of data and hope to continue covering LMAS.

    For the record, I think WDRB/FOX41 has done a pretty great job (for a teevee news station) covering the LMAS shenanigans.

  10. If there are blog awards, Jake deserves one. Great job of digging and digging and exposing this inhumane mess!

  11. I hope that Pimp Z’s apologist will leave as well. She needs to go. This is just a start. There is much work to be done and if it took Fischy this long to rid of the some of filth then I suspect policy and new way of doings things may take awhile. Could Pimp Z be investigated for his side business? Sounds like a case for Wave3 troubleshooter. Instead of following buses follow this bozo’s trail
    of craziness.

  12. Thank you Jake. Thank you all who gave information about this place and brought this torture chamber to light and especially thank you to the good employees out there who cared enough to risk everything to bring this to all of our attention and didn’t give up. I ask all of you whenever you can, in any way that you can, to help these animals. It can be as simple as saving old rugs or blankets for the puppies to lay on. It can be to taking a day and going out and giving them treats, they love peanut butter flavored biscuits or just a pat on the head through a chain link fence and a kind word. Everyone gives to KHS and Shamrock, but these are the forgotten animals and need a little extra help.

  13. Kudos, Jake, but more importantly thanks to all of the LMAS employees and other insiders who shared the information that led to this moment.

    Best of luck to all involved!

  14. Great work here Jake. One of the real crimes is the fact that the mainstream media has let Abramson get away with this. What a legacy – Meloche, Zelinsky, Bunton, …. the list goes on and on

  15. Boy this gives Ms. Dawn Simpson a whole lot of credibility in her ongoing sexual harassment lawsuit against oh Giles & Wayne. Maybe Wayno was trying to recruit her for his side business…. Just a Thought

  16. I agree with Imomit well partially I do not believe it is a torture chamber just a neglected run down shelter that’s over crowded that has been ignored for years and years by the city, so why not focus on that lets see if we can actually get a nice place for the animals, a place we all can be proud of, lets not forget about the animals, lend a hand volunteer, donate items, ADOPT, educate, last time i looked animals filling up in a shelter anywhere in the USA is a product of bad animal husbandry by society in general and NO i am not saying everyone is a bad owner but the statistics are there, enough talking we need to be more proactive for the animals I know I will be will YOU….

  17. Obviously this is just the start – although definitely positive – MAS employees who think nothing of putting down dozens of animals each day need to be re-educated or employed elsewhere as well. I agree with Imonit & Little Piggy – our community must also walk the walk by remembering the animals – by adopting from shelters & rescue organizations, donating time or supplies, and spaying and neutering our pets.

  18. I believe people will go back to help and volunteer now that evil has left the building, the few remaining will soon follow, people want to help, they don’t want to be subjected to insanity.

  19. Warhorse,
    I’m glad you’re going back to help them, but don’t be so sure that all the evil has left the building. There is still much to be done, many to be fired in disgrace, just like their “Captain.” It’s just a shame that it took Pussygate to get that slimeball out of there. What about all the animals he never gave one shit about. This whole episode is INSANE. Hope he is enjoying his early retirement.

    Better get that website back up Waney, heard you had some $$$ problems. Unemployment surely doesn’t help the situation. We are all laughing at you scumbag.

  20. Jake is great! You’ve done an excellent job uncovering abuses and exposing many of the things that were long untold. I also think you named two tv stations that did well. I especially think Fox 41 had smart, investigative coverage.
    Thank you for being a true “voice for the voiceless” – something every journalist should strive for!

    Jessica Reid
    President, No Kill Louisville

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