Let’s Please Start Loving Louisville For What It Is

I’m baaaaaack. What kind of debauchery is in store this week?

Uh, Greg, Louisville is NEVER going to be an international player if it can’t even be a player in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. A severe lack of promised transparency – just to benefit your family – isn’t helping matters. You get to shoulder a bunch of this blame now. [WFPL]

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration scientists have been cleared. No evidence was discovered that they manipulated climate data to support global warming. Mouth-breather meltdown in 3, 2… [NY Times]

You folks may really love Tom Burch. But don’t you dare every tell me he’s not bought and sold like the majority of Frankfort electeds. [Ralph Long]

The pet psychic needs to forget about Indiana. She needs to haul you-know-what to Louisville Metro Animal Services. POSTHASTE! [FOX41]

The Humana Festival of New American Plays is under way! Get thee to Actors Theatre posthaste. [ATL]

It seems giant corporations tend to receive all the TIF money in this country. Rather than spur development? TIF dollars tend to flow into the pockets of businesses that are already hugely popular. [NY Times]

Student hunger is the third-biggest problem facing teachers, according to a recent study. One of the many reasons you should support Dare to Care. [CNN]

Seems like it was just yesterday that Jerry Abramson was working hard against neighborhoods and initiatives like block watches and such. [WHAS11]

Did you take part in the annual Polar Bear Plunge to benefit Special Olympics of Kentucky? At least $330,000 was raised during the event. [WAVE3]

Ever wondered how many lobbying dollars are spent in Frankfort? Or who gets paid what? You should probably check this out. It’s a monthly feature. [Page One]

4 thoughts on “Let’s Please Start Loving Louisville For What It Is

  1. Blessings in a Backpack, founded in Louisville, is another great group to give to for kids needing food. They provide food packs for needy kids for the weekend through the schools.

  2. “No Food, No Real Education”

    It is indeed sickening that we live in the world’s wealthiest nation, yet lack of food for our children is a major cause of ill effects in our schools. We blame teachers instead of politicians who could give a rat’s ass about either kids or their education. We have to depend on admirable groups such as Blessings in a Backpack to soothe any hint of guilty conscience that our greedy minds might hold. Give us a bit more socialism, please. And I dare say that dreaded word–less dreadful than the extreme capitalism that we practice so crudely.

  3. Dare to Care does amazing programs through Kids’ Cafe sites (meals on weekdays after school) and its Backpack Buddy program. I also am a huge fan of the mobile food pantries that Dare to Care and Metro United Way started last year using no additional funds but using volunteer power to get food out to hard to reach areas of town.

  4. The TIF $$$ spent in Chicago were massive ! Eventhough the TIF $$$ in Louisville aren’t the Huge #’s they are in Chicago, Louisville sure didn’t let Chicago upstage them in the distribution of such, Jerry & Traughber seemed to be as big a crooks as the Chicago politicians.

    What happens to the balance of the TIF $$$ on a project when a major anchor like Borders at 4th Street eats it!?….didn’t the developer get those $$ based on that space not remaining vacant over a certain amount of time?….do TIF $$$$ ever get repossed?

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