Let’s Have A Little Head-In-The-Clouds Moment

Okay, no, we don’t believe a regional passenger rail line is going to happen anytime soon in Kentucky.

But give this a read:

An epidemiologist with the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services, Gatewood, 26, must drive 100 miles roundtrip between her home in Louisville and job in Frankfort, five days a week, making a workhorse out of her Honda Civic.

“I spend probably $130 a month on gas just to get to work and back,” she says. “The commute is the only bad part about my job, but there’s no other way for me to get to work. A rail line, an efficient bus system, anything, really, would be better.”

As it happens, the prospect of a recently proposed intra-Kentucky rail line connecting Louisville, Frankfort, Lexington and eight other cities would be a boon for potentially hundreds of commuters like Gatewood, who believes alternatives to gas-guzzling automobiles would be better for the environment, as well.

“My commute is a huge drain on natural resources,” Gatewood adds. “Anything’s greener than driving a car.”

Click here for the rest from LEO Weekly’s heathen Jonathan Meador.

But it’d be nice, wouldn’t it?

4 thoughts on “Let’s Have A Little Head-In-The-Clouds Moment

  1. It would be nice if it was actually functional, i.e. there were stops that linked to other mass transit options. But, you’re right Jake, it doesn’t really matter because, as you say, Ky can’t have nice things.

  2. If the LWCo can start to build the pipe system to send water toward Frankfort and possibly to Lexington on our dollar, public transportation should not be dismissed.

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