Let’s Dry Heave Together Over Karen Sypher

Please. PLEASE. Can we please stop hearing about this Karen Sypher – Rick Pitino sexytime scandal? It’s flipping gross. I can’t even walk by Porcini without making the Ricky Gervais gag face these days. And that is my most favorite place to carboload. That’s what a travesty this is.

No, we apparently cannot stop hearing about it. Because that would be an affront to conspiracy theorists everywhere. Like failed U.S. Senate candidate and pretend whistleblower lady Darlene Fitzgerald Price. When she’s not busy standing outside yelling like a street preacher, she’s been spamming the press promoting some radio show that she’s hosting today.

Take a look:

RE: The Rick Pitino / Karen Cunagin Sypher Matter

Issues show “Truth or Politics” will have a one hour exclusive interview with members of the legal team U.S. Justice Watch and Karen Sypher, before a live audience. They will reveal astonishing and disturbing new evidence of how they have exposed government corruption. Evidence will be presented in this bizarre case where government officials and their agents have conspired to railroad a rape victim into prison, in order to protect a multi-million dollar corporate interest. This will be a one hour, uninterrupted interview conducted by experienced columnist, writer and author, Peter S. Ferrara. You may listen live on the radio at FM 98.3 or live on the internet. This interview will also be posted in its entirety, later this week on U-Tube.

The general public is invited to attend:

WHERE: The McCreary County Court House
District Court Room
Main Street, Whitley City, Kentucky

WHEN: Valentine’s Day, Monday, February 14th, 6:00p.m.,EST

Yeah. About that. If these folks had “astonishing and disturbing” evidence – wouldn’t they have been able to provide it weeks ago when they promised to share it with us? Right.


12 thoughts on “Let’s Dry Heave Together Over Karen Sypher

  1. I understand people are “tired”of hearing about this “case” but’, if everyone knew the WHOLE truth , not that it would change the “brainwashed” but , it would change the open minded , just people that want to hear ALL the RICO involved in this case and I do have first hand knowledge of the CONSPIRACY”. I hoer she gets to tell what she told me ,t hen the people will be more informed of how she’s still being ineffectiveiy represented….Karl

  2. If there was evidence? You fools would have released it WEEKS ago. Instead of tooling around trying to make a show out of nothing. I’ve seen the court records – and published them. If you have something else, it would be in the court’s hands by now.

    All talk.

    Put up or shut up.

    I’m tired of these loons.

  3. If only that Stock Yards Bank-stock owning judge had let the lawyer who cites Wikipedia obtain the sexytime lawyer’s oriental rug then they could have proved that he had sexytime with other clients which obviously shows he was part of a government conspiracy that let Ricky P put women in concrete at the bottom of the river!

    C’mon Jake, how could you possibly be “tired” of this story?

  4. eeeewww Karl…. you talked to her. Maybe she can’t get “effective” representation because she has no case…. what reputable attorney would want to represent her?

  5. …bottom line . it isn’t rattled about her case in particular , it’s about case number 99CV95 BRADFORD METCALF vs Jdgs SIMPSON,HEYBURN,BOGGS and MARTIN..A RICO/Bivens Act suit , you try and find that case first and hold that in your hands and then we can “REALLY” talk , till anybody can hold a copy of this “complaint” in your hands , you know nothing !

  6. ..I was referring to Simpson being rattled , and I’ll quit unless someone knows about the Metcalf case .Disaster Plan your right !….where’s a “reputable” attorney ? I’m a believer in “pro se” myself….here comes the lawyer “cuts”!

  7. Really? I know nothing? Then WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE?

    The photos of the girl Karen says Pitino abused?

    The audio recording of Karen coaching her daughter to lie about being burned with a cigar?

    I’m waiting.

    This shit show is about Darlene getting a television show and some free self-promotion. And there’s a reason half the Justice Watch people have quit.

    Because there’s nothing there.

  8. My bad, I was listening to 98.3 in Louisville, not 98.3 in Bum F_ck Whitley City Kentucky. Who would have thought there are two 98.3 stations in Kentucky. Live and learn.

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