Kentucky Derby Festival Chatter Just Won’t Quit

I’m not going to shut up about this. There’s no reason for wasteful legislation to stop meth production. Limiting access to legitimate consumers is ridiculous. Send a letter to your legislator today. [SEND A LETTER!]

Are you attending the University of Louisville? Then you should submit your line art for this terrific UofL Coloring Book. It’s a contest. You could win stuff. [UofL]

Don’t forget. The 7th Annual Children’s Advocacy Day is next week. [KYA]

Is Louisville the next Austin? HELLLLS NO. It’s on a whole other level. Those of us who live here know that and love it. (No, we’re not trying to be Austin, that’d be silly) [Livability]

According to the latest poll from the Williams-Farmer campaign, 62% of Republican primary voters approve of the Republican agenda in Kentucky. [Poll – External PDF]

Was Greg Fischer’s dad an investor in the group that originally sold the Iron Quarter buildings to Mr. Blue? Because all kinds of people want to know. That’s the hot gossip all over town this week. [Metro Gubmint Rumors]

Hopefully you’re supporting the Young Survivors Benefit on February 25. There’s a silent auction. It’s $10 per person. [Consuming Louisville]

It’s nice to see someone pay a legal price for intentionally neglecting animals. This Louisville woman was arrested after she starved dogs and allowed them to freeze to death. [FOX 41]

Jackie Hays was inducted into the Kentucky Journalism Hall of Fame. Hayes, a longtime Louisville fixture, definitely deserves it. Tom Loftus and Bill Bartleman were also inducted. [WAVE3]

Churchill Downs is still saying it had nothing to do with the Kentucky Derby Festival dropping “Kentucky” from its name. Despite, of course, Kentucky Derby Festival (we will not drop “Kentucky” – that’s absurd) folks quietly saying otherwise. [WHAS11]

An E-town man is getting a year off – paid – to volunteer for a non-profit. How terrific would it be if more mega corps had similar programs? [H-L]

7 thoughts on “Kentucky Derby Festival Chatter Just Won’t Quit

  1. Wow, nothing can take the fun out of the coloring book contest likes pages and pages of rules and regulations.

  2. Nah, he was just in the room when it was decided the number of buildings would be reduced to a more manageable size: nil.

    Just like that metal plate in the ice machine turned into a 3-hole device instead of a 14-hole device.

  3. It may not be for a full year, but many companies contribute volunteers to Metro United Way for months at a time for our Loaned Executives program – AT&T, GE, Humana, Norton, and some others I’m unfortunately not remembering right now.

    Way to go Xerox!

  4. Pursuant to Fischer’s “Citizen’s Bill of Rights”, on the city’s website it says clearly you can email them inquiries and they’ll respond. An intriguing inquiry to try would be into the stock ownership of the two companies that have owned Whiskey Row in recent history.
    (I’d make the inquiries myself, but they’ve ignored my last one submitted 3 weeks ago.)

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