JCPS Can’t Wait To Send Berman On His Way

Want a copy of Rand Paul’s new book about the Tea Party and his ascension to Jim Bunning’s former U.S. Senate seat? Then enter to win. I’ve got buncha copies to give away. [Page One]

Here’s a fancy story all about the book. So you can get a bit deeper into it before getting the chance to read it. [H-L]

Would like to take this moment to remind you of the typical good old boy network running the show at the Ohio River Bridges Debacle. Spinmeister, indeed. [LEO Weekly]

Really? We’re still fighting over some g-d bed & breakfasts in Louisville? Really? I dunno what’s worse – that or holding a fundraiser for Steve Beshear and Jerry Abramson – the two people who nearly ruined the man’s life. It’s like he lives to torture himself. WTF. Jim King will be his own undoing. [AKN]

Greg Fischer has ordered a top-to-bottom review of Planning and Design services. And he’s doing so with – you guessed it – another committee. [FOX 41]

If you needed more proof nothing has changed in Louisville: airport scandal airport scandal airport scandal airport scandal airport scandal airport scandal. [WAVE3]

Ricky Jones slept with the enemy for the children. He did it all so you don’t have to. [LEO Weekly]

Jefferson County Public Schools superintendent Sheldon Berman says he never tried to be perfect. He only tried to funnel JCPS money into the pockets of companies he was affiliated. And he only tried to pal around with Robert Felner and his cronies for years and years. Does anyone really care what Sheldon Berman has to say? Really? We’re not even going to feign objectivity. [WHAS11]

Reason #1,058 we should toll the heck out of existing bridges to separate Indiucky back into Indiana and Kentucky. The deputy attorney general in Indiana was fired after urging police in Wisconsin to shoot protesters using live ammunition. [HuffPo]

Louisville isn’t the only city in Kentucky with an office vacancy problem on its hands. Lexington’s downtown (does it even have a downtown?) office vacancy rate is on the rise. [H-L]

4 thoughts on “JCPS Can’t Wait To Send Berman On His Way

  1. I want to know how long we are going to have to put up with Sheldon Berman making fools of this community for his own ends? No professional with an ethical bone is his body would be doing this; no paper or tv station with commitment to the community would be doing this. AND no Board of Education with a spine would allow this to happen. ENOUGH ALREADY!

  2. This article is just another chapter in the collection of fiction by Sheldon Berman. He hadn’t heard concerns about student achievement until the schools were identified as persistantly low achieving? Really? That statement alone should motivate the school board to tell the Shellster on Monday night to collect his belongings and leave NOW.

  3. “Two Bum Birds Gone”

    It’s ironic that Berman may be headed to Eugene, Oregon. Felner was supposedly offered the U. of Oregon deanship there but turned it down (he was already making $250,000 at UofL). He and Shelley could’ve played havoc on Eugene if things worked out. Eugene, you were lucky to be turned down once–now, wise up on this next interview with Shelley.

  4. blowin’: You’re, again, absolutely on target. This local newspaper is a complete ‘rag’ with no credibility whatsoever. Why in the world is the Bermeister’s ‘thoughts’ about ‘anything’ of any relevance. He’s been FIRED by a publicly elected school board despite the newspaper’s yellow journalistic approach to that public decision, despite the rich folks committees (who all send their kids to private or catholic schools) and despite the pleas of the ‘warmed-over’ rants of the Justice Resource Center (as if any of them would understand education if they were hit in the face with it.) Go away Bermeister. Go catch a salmon in Oregon and ply your social agenda there. We’re interested, here, in educating our children with the 3 R’s – readin, ritin’ and rithmetic.

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