Historic Rosewell Estate Suffered Storm Damage

The historic Rosewell Estate in the eastern part of the county was significantly damaged by storms last night. The 1820s Greek Revival mansion is on the National Register of Historic Places and was being preserved as part of the Ohio River Bridges Debacle.


The home suffered broken windows and, according to the Transportation Cabinet (which owns the property), “major damage to its roof.” Contractors have been assigned to temporarily cover the roof and windows to prevent additional water damage. Structural engineers will assess the building’s integrity soon.

4 thoughts on “Historic Rosewell Estate Suffered Storm Damage

  1. I don’t understand how our regional governing system could justify buying this home to have it set empty, while letting Whiskey Row suffer the fate of Todd Blue’s egotistical whim.

  2. The downtown debacle isn’t taking place solely because of Todd Blue’s ego.

    And you know that quite well.

    Systemic failure is to blame. Not just an individual.

  3. Sell it to Todd Blue and trust him. If he tries anything shady His Royal Highness Fischer will protect it and us all.

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