Greg Can Give Away Money But Ignores LMAS

I’m not going to shut up about this. There’s no reason for wasteful legislation to stop meth production. Limiting access to legitimate consumers is ridiculous. Send a letter to your legislator today. [SEND A LETTER!]

On February 27, in honor of the 83rd Academy Awards, the WHAS Crusade For Children will host an officially sanctioned party. All proceeds will benefit the Crusade. Should be fun stuff. We’ll update you when the charity releases additional details. [Press Release]

Here’s a six sentence story about a former death row inmate who spoke at the University of Louisville. [WHAS11]

Is Lexington’s new mayor doing a better job at tackling budget and debt challenges than Louisville’s new mayor? [H-L]

Newsflash: The USDA says physical activity and good nutrition are a must. Will anyone notice? Or will everyone continue sucking down 40 gallons of corn syrup water every day as they ride around Kroger on their Rascal? [WAVE3]

We shared the press release about the Iron Quarter yesterday. But the reality that Greg Fischer is throwing $400K at the buildings and giving permission to demolish them doesn’t sound any better today than it did yesterday. On a funny note: an hour after we published our story, written from the press release, a Guthrie Mayes PR exec called us on our personal telephone lines to ask if we had received the unsolicited release. Yet another reason Louisville can’t have nice things. [FOX41]

East Market Street is getting a fancy new restaurant from the creators of Proof. How bout them apples? Let’s talk about how it’s tough not to get fat again. [Consuming Louisville]

Secretary of State Trey Grayson bid farewell to the Commonwealth last week. Have a look at his goodbye letter. [Page One]

The Kentucky Lottery has millions in unclaimed winnings. If you won? Please apply to be our sugar momma/poppa ASAP. [FatLip]

Egypt isn’t the only country with a problem on its hands. Jordan’s King Abdullah II dismissed his cabinet after protests. [NY Times]

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  1. *Guthrie Mayes is also the PR company that manages to the pro-hate, homophobia campaign for Kentucky Farm Bureau. Sure glad Fairness Campaign got to march in the inaugural parade.

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