Councilwoman Green In Whole Heap Of Trouble

You know, Metro Councilcritter Judy Green blows our freaking minds. It’s just… wow.

Check this out:

Problems surrounding a jobs-for-youth summer program are piling up for Councilwoman Judy Green, D-1, who now is being asked to resign in a complaint filed with the Metro Ethics Commission.


In December, the city auditor found that 12 of Green’s family members worked in the program and collected $3,580, and that another $28,270 was unaccounted for due to poor bookkeeping. And although the LIFE Institute was supposed to be in charge, the report indicated Green and her husband administered the program, in which teens were paid a stipend to clean up vacant lots, alleys and parks.

Those results were forwarded to the Louisville Metro Police Department’s Public Integrity Unit, and although no charges were filed against Councilwoman Green, a police investigation summary stated there was the “appearance that criminal activity could have been taking place.”


“There was a ton of stuff that this lady did that was twisted in her relationship with my organization. Primarily, going on television and lying about whether or not she ran the program when the audit and police integrity report basically said that she ran it,” says Eddie Woods, founder of the LIFE Institute.

Really – click here to read the rest from LEO’s Phillip Bailey.

I know, right? Still in office, still acting like nothing is going on, like it’ll all get swept under the rug. If only she could have gotten all those young men to pull their sagging jeans up. Then, maybe, all would be right with the world.

We hear there’s way more where that came from. Seems like the entire local press corps has a lot up its sleeve.

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  1. Ok… sad, but funny. If you consider the peer effect of pulling up saggin pants and how that might change a generation of saggers to be more in touch with how a belt works, it would be worth the money in my opinion.

    Every time I see a sagger, I ask myself, “how could being a prison b**** ever be fashionable?”

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