Berman’s Maybe Taking His Show To Oregon

Sheldon Berman is a finalist for a job in Eugene, Oregon. You think they know he admits to using his job to give money to businesses upon which he is affiliated? [WFPL]

Found a photo of Jerry Abramson dumpster diving in Lexington. You should probably take a look at Mayor McCheese. [H-L]

The State House voted overwhelmingly to reform the corrections system. This is good news, right? [Ronnie Ellis]

Dunno if you’ve noticed lately, but East Market Street is turning into a hotbed for all things good. Yet another delicious joint opening up. [Consuming Louisville]

Have you seen this video of Rand Paul talking to folks at CPAC? [Page One]

Karen Sypher is awaiting sentencing. That story is just enough to make me gag all day long, every day. [FOX41]

Jerry Abramson is adjusting to life out of the public eye. That means he goes to Kroger in his sleepy pants and hoodie to buy Graeter’s Coconut Chip and Coke Zero. [WAVE3]

This Ohio River Bridges thing is never going to happen. And you know what? 99% of the city seems to be okay with it. So let’s get back to doing nothing. [WHAS11]

The editor of Louisville Magazine has resigned his job to do something with pizza or whatever. [FatLip]

Four abortion bills were defeated in State House committee this week. There’s a win for women everywhere. [H-L]

We hear through the gayvine that Greg Fischer’s police driver has been removed from his duties. They should probably release a statement about it before the rumor mill goes insane. [Downtown Rumors]

11 thoughts on “Berman’s Maybe Taking His Show To Oregon

  1. First of all, that squirrel is a lot cuter than former Mayor for Life Jerry. Secondly, he shops at Doll’s–buy local!

  2. That picture of Happy Pants coming out of a garbage can in Lexington is hilarious.
    On the second reference to Pants — please shut up Happy. Your time is over. As the bumper sticker says: “Happy: Sit down and shut up.” We all have the right to not lose our breakfasts by seeing further and continued references to what you’re doing, NOW — because we REALLY DON’T CARE.

  3. If you check the Eugene, Oregon Record Guard, you will see a bunch of comments from folks in Louisville, including references to Ville Voice stories. and other such tidbits. I think the nonsense SB has been pulling over the last several months may make him unemployable as a superintendent.

  4. ?

    I don’t post or approve comments. That happens automatically. Haven’t even opened my laptop since Tuesday to review anything. Not sure staff have, either.

    There are a number of reasons a comment may not be approved. Did it contain a link? Was it the first time for you to comment? Just a couple things to remember.

  5. It did indeed contain a link (to the paper in Eugene,OR). Are links not permissable? Just assumed they were, was trying to give your readers the opportunity to chime in in Oregon, and give their readers the opportunites we never had w/ole’ Shelley.

    I apologize for my vitriol.

  6. WOW – just checked the Record Guard story, they are blasting Berman. But my question is, where are all these folks when it comes to school board election time? Berman is an idiot, but the school board RUNS THE SHOW – they make the decisions, he just implements them. Did you know, for example, that their own certified police officers who work for JCPS are not allowed to be armed? They can be armed by state law, they meet the same training as every other certified officer, but they can’t carry weapons? Yet, they pay for OTHER officers to work in the schools who do go armed in the schools …. (And these same school officers are expected to respond to emergency situations, and go into the school side by side with othe officers, but CAN NOT BE ARMED – by school board decision.

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