At Least One Bridge Will Probably Get Finished

It’s true. We give State Rep. Joni Jenkins a lot of crap over Shively. But that small city has a $2 million surplus. Quite a nice problem to have in Kentucky these days. [FOX41]

Enjoying this fancy weather? Then you should get your rear end to el Mundo where the back yard is open. [Consuming Louisville]

Yesterday a Republican fear-monger filed legislation in Frankfort – HB 485 – that would require the Attorney General to seek reimbursement for any illegal alien found to receive “any care, education, housing, incarceration, or treatment paid for by Kentucky tax dollars.” The legislation would also push the Attorney General to file a lawsuit against the federal government if it fails to take custody of any illegal aliens. [Press Release]

Thursday is the 7th Annual Children’s Advocacy Day in Frankfort. I hope you’ll be there in support of Kentucky’s youth. They need us all, regardless of political bent. [Page One]

The Big Four Bridge is set for completion. The pedestrian and bicycle pathway will soon link Louisville and Southern Indiana. [FatLIp]

A nationwide day for honoring Charles Darwin is handled with caution. Because people are askeerd to tick off the mouth breathers. [NY Times]

Jefferson County Public Schools superintendent Sheldon Berman says it’s time to move on. We couldn’t agree more. He needs to move on. [WAVE3]

A bill to tighten the regulation of for-profit schools has advanced in the state legislature. [H-L]

Really, this Karen Sypher thing is super-gross. Please make it end. Make it end. Make it end. [WHAS11]

Racist nutball Haley Barbour is visiting Kentucky to address the Kentucky Coal Association and to raise Republican money. [CNN]

Here are a couple more photos from I Love Mountains Day in Frankfort on Monday. [More Page One]