8664, Weed, Ford, Food, Be Glad It’s Friday!

8664 won the ‘Big Idea’ contest. Meanwhile, Greg Fischer and everyone in power are looking in the opposite direction. [FatLip]

You’ve got until February 24 to submit nominations for the Governor’s Awards for Volunteerism and Service. The awards will honor groups and individuals who strive to improve the Commonwealth through volunteer efforts. [Click the Clicky]

A new Ford manager addressed jobs at Louisville’s assembly plant. [WHAS11]

Somebody needs to ask mean ole Rep. Joni Jenkins why she lets people in Shively have marijuana in their motel rooms. [WAVE3]

You know what you can do? You can get these specialty license plates in Kentucky to help remind folks behind you to spay and neuter their pets. That could help solve many of the problems we face with Louisville Metro Animal Services. [FOX41]

Comprehensive service reform – in addition to tax reform – could really save us a ton in Kentucky. [Page One]

It’s a shame gubernatorial candidate has essentially called for the death of his opponent, David Williams, on three occasions. [More Page One]

Are you a vegetarian in Louisville? Then this is tremendous news! [Consuming Louisville]

The Forecastle Festival won’t take place again until 2012, as you all know by now. I’m still rolling my eyes about them trying to lure me out to a press event “because Greg Fischer will be there.” But it’s great news that JK McKnight is taking a job with the folks who put on Bonnaroo. [Press Release]

A judge has closed cases related to the Comair crash in Kentucky. Remember that Lexington tragedy? Not a good flashback. [H-L]

The Society of Civil Engineers gives Kentucky roads and bridges a D grade. That’s news we all love hearing, for sure. [WFPL]

Brent Ackerson isn’t happy about the decision to charge admission for Thunder Over Louisville. Here’s what he had to say in a release: “Like other members of the Metro Council, I represent people who could easily afford this new cost for admission. But I also serve families for whom this would be a great burden. Our waterfront serves as the People’s Park, a park which their tax dollars helped to build and continues to maintain. And Thunder is one of the signature events during the Kentucky Derby Festival which appeals to nearly everyone. We should not allow Waterfront Park and Thunder Over Louisville to be fenced off, placed out of the economic reach for our citizens, especially when the revenues from the sale of the Pegasus Pins are not going to the public coffers.” [Press Release]

15 thoughts on “8664, Weed, Ford, Food, Be Glad It’s Friday!

  1. I agree with Brent. Someone has to look out for the poor of this community. And he failed to mention most of his area he represents will be in the Galt House and private parties that line the river.

  2. Thanks Brent for the voice pointing out what this event means to so many families of Louisville. With the price hotels and resturants have on the event it leaves little choice for many families.What the hell is going on at the festival committee ,what is next. Must be the FREE MARKET think tank at it best.

  3. But, they regularly rent out Waterfront Park for paying events (and the Belvedere, etc.) I don’t think KDF gets this space for free – that’s a question that should be answered.

  4. I’m amazed that people hold the non-profit Thunder organizers/committee to a different standard than all the FOR PROFIT entities that produce events down there all the time and charge a fee for concerts and other events. Tax dollars don’t go into Thunder – in fact from what I read on their site they have the highest one-day economic impact in the area! 34 million! Isn’t that what they said the arena would bring in over the next 10 years? Get off your damn high horse Mr Anderson (and those like you). From what I read of their release too it looks like their trying to fix the issues they had there last year and they have to cover their own costs somehow.

  5. “The fenced-off portion of Waterfront Park represents less than 10 percent of the public viewing area along the river on the Kentucky side. Any additional revenue generated by the pin admission will go right back into the infrastructure for the show. There are costs associated with the fencing off the lawn – the fencing itself, all-day security and adding amenities and bathroom facilities”. Is three dollars to much, lets see how many people line up for spots. Three dolllllaaars…………………

  6. What do you mean “supposed to be a free public event”? Who says? Why isn’t the forcastle festival free or the 4th of July event that does use tax dollars? They fence their entire event off and charge. Why can’t the Festival Committee do the same? They are a not-for-profit – I guess only for profit groups should be able to charge? We’re lucky they don’t fence the entire park off (like all the other groups) and charge a fee – I bet they wouldn’t need sponsorship then… Problems solved

  7. Like Roger, I think this is a great opportunity for everyone to get up in a premature populist roar. Things cost money. Waterfront Park is a small slice of the Thunder viewing area. Most people down there end up with a Pegasus Pin so they can go into the Chow Wagon and eat, use the bathrooms, etc. Life ain’t fair and things aren’t free. Good for the Festival for standing up for what they need so that they can continue what they do for this community year after year.

  8. So 8664 won the “Big Idea” contest and His Highness, The Great Mayor Fischer is pissed.

    He does not have the courtesy to sit down and discuss the winning Big Idea because he cares little about downtown Louisville.

    I wonder what he thinks of Tyler Allen, a man who knows how to think big?

  9. The KDF ( if I can still use the “K”) is trying to make up some of the shortfall they incur each year from thunder. Fencing off a small portion of the viewing area and not allowing people to come in and stake out their part of the park is not to big an inconvenience for this city. I have seen enough of the squatters come in and use the caution tape to fence off their 40X40 area and dare people to enter their domain.

  10. I find it amusing that the Mayor and leaders were supposed to meet only with the winner of the Big Idea contest — until 86-64 won. Now they’re meeting with the top five.

  11. If organizers don’t want people to rope off large areas of the lawn, then don’t allow it!! Advertise it well in advance, post signage and have it regulated by police/someone with authority and that will be the end of it.

    Personally, I’ll be out of town again this year, avoiding the madness.

  12. Bill, public parks are free for access, and a signature public event that has always been free for access should stay that way. And stop parsing.

    We’re already seeing Forecastle being transmogrified into a corporate event that’s too expensive for most Louisvillians. Let’s not go down that slippery slope with Thunder Over Louisville.

    And whatever happened to sponsors?

  13. Most of the big idea votes were for transportation related topics and many of those topics were related to stopping or altering the economy destroying downtown ORBP. I would not be suprised if the organizers of the My Big Idea contest manipulated the results so that only one ORBP related winner appeared in the top 5. The ORBP cheerleading Greater Louisville Project delayed the release of the results several months so they could come up with a PR strategy to minimize the damage to the hideously ugly and economically suicidal downtown ORBP.

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