Your Metro Animal Services Nightmare Continues

You know how a few folks foam at the mouth any time I publish something about the corruption under Wayne Zelinsky’s failed leadership at Metro Animal Services? How not much has changed since Gilles Meloche was sent packing by the reluctant Jerry Abramson?

You know how I just get accused of being uptight and bitter (okay, so that’s true)? How I’ve been accused – by the Fischer Administration, no less – of fabricating what I’ve published?

Here’s this from FOX 41’s Bennett Haeberle:

Several Metro Animal Services employees have come forward claiming that animals at the city’s shelter are being needlessly euthanized, neglected and in some cases possibly abused.

Those who came forward (a mixture of current MAS employees and volunteers) asked that their identities be concealed. Many feared they would be fired or retaliated against for the information they shared.

“I’m coming forward because the things that have been happening at Metro Animal Services are just totally wrong. They’re killing too many animals for no reason,” said one employee who spoke to Fox 41 News on a condition of anonymity.

Another employee said: “The place, needs new leadership, the place needs new management.”

How about that? Am I still a bitter liar when it comes to one of the most screwed up agencies in Louisville’s Metro Government?

Really. Go read the entire story You’ll see just how uninvolved, uninformed and silly Wayne Zelinsky seems to be. This is the Meloche-turned-Zelinsky nightmare. And it continues unabated.

Here’s Haeberle’s report:

Change needs to take place. Immediate.

8 thoughts on “Your Metro Animal Services Nightmare Continues

  1. Geez, you and your hard-on for MAS. Why don’t you report about children? Why dont’ you report about the two trucks of stuff Meijer donated to Dare to Care? Why don’t you talk about how people can help Dare to Care and get their taxes done at H Tax? Why don’t you talk about how healthcare reform appeal will hurt Kentucky’s children? Why don’t you talk about UofL trying to combat teen pregnancy? Why don’t you talk about Frankfort’s Child Advocacy Day?

    Oh, wait… nevermind. I see that you have stories about all of those things on here already.

  2. Fischer needs to fire everyone involved with this mess, come out and tell the people of Louisville that this has to stop. Oh wait, that what a leader would do. Leading isn’t his strong point. He too busy engaging in the media lovefest instead getting down to business and saving MAS. You Greg, here’s your chance to do the right thing. Grow a backbone and clean house and save MAS before it’s too late. Too whoever else in the Mayor’s office, you need to tell your boss to so the right thing and put a stop to this mess. Stand-up for once and be what the people expect you to be.

  3. Didn’t see a comment from King on the merger 2.0. Maybe in his capacity Metro Council President he will do something about the MAS mess.

  4. Thanks Jake. I went back and found it. I apologize for sloppy typing in previous posts. Still learning to type on an iPhone. Glad to see Fischer take action on MAS. Once again, Pageone is out front and taking care of business and getting the facts out first. Dear Fischer folks, please spend less time facebooking the Mayor’s moves and meetings and pics of him doing his job. Please spend more time cleaning up the previous guy’s mess.

  5. Don’t worry – you’ll never be able to type on it.

    I often send text messages and then freak out when I realize something horrible was sent in error.

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