You Know What’s Crazy, Dear Louisville?

What’s crazy is that Churchill Downs allegedly demanded the Kentucky Derby Festival stop using “Kentucky Derby” in its name (now the “Derby Festival,” of course).

Why? Because “Kentucky Derby” with the ubiquitous Kentucky Derby Festival “dilutes” the brand.

That is crazy.

I hope no one drops “Kentucky” when discussing the festival. We certainly won’t be doing so.

12 thoughts on “You Know What’s Crazy, Dear Louisville?

  1. How does free advertising ‘dilute the brand’? That makes as much sense as Kentucky demanding Churchill stop using the name for their little horse race.

  2. No problem. Have the state stop letting CD use “Kentucky”. Pretty soon, everyone will end up naming themselves in a way similar to the guy who used to be Prince.

  3. Give me a break! Who in the hell does Churchill Downs think they are. The Kentucky Derby Festival has been an important part of the community since the mid-50’s and, from what I understand, even the late 30’s. I agree with Earl – maybe the State should refuse to allow the track to use “Kentucky” in connection with it’s horse race. The race would just be called “The Derby”. Somebody on Central Avenue, maybe a guy by the name of Evans, just needs to get a life and leave the Kentucky Derby Festival alone.

  4. I propose the locals boycott Churchill Downs until they drop their silly BS. I am sure the loss of revenue the rest of the year will not “dilute the brand”.

  5. Churchill Downs stopped being a local institution when they pretty much bought up a bunch of tracks across the country. I think its a travesty that this once local brand has basically flipped the bird to the local community in a lot of ways. Their big day here is the Derby and somewhat the Oaks but overall they’re probably making a lot of money off gambling and the other tracks.

    Just more corporatism ruining what used to be an event that locals could be proud of.

  6. Here’s a community that organizes a tw0-week long festival around a one-day event and the major recepient of that endeavor belly-aches and moans. That’s gratitude for ya.

  7. I hear it was a sponsorship issue that corporations were using their Kentucky Derby Festival sponsorships to their advantage and not playing with Churchill Downs. In advertising they would say things like proud sponsor of the KENTUCKY DERBY and then in real small lettering Festival. Buy a small deal with the Festival and then use it to their advantage.

  8. What GOOD has Churchill done for this community? Do you ever hear of them getting involved in anything positive besides what will fill their pockets? One day it will come back on them. Karma? Are you there?

  9. Your’re right this is crazy. This is clearly It would really be nice if they (CHD) would use local companies for the licensing, production and distribution of Kentucky Derby Products. Why not support local suppliers – there are plenty in Louisville to choose from. At least the Kentucky Derby Festival supports their local partners.

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