Yet Another Rage-Inducing LMAS/Meloche Story

This is disgusting.

Really. Put down your coffee and just read:

Gilles Meloche, the former director of Louisville Metro Animal Services who resigned in 2009 amid allegations of animal torture, sexual harassment, misappropriation of animals, and inhumane conditions at the agency’s 3705 Manslick Road shelter, received more than $10,000 in unemployment insurance compensation from the city last year, according to records obtained by LEO Weekly.

The documentation, provided to LEO by Louisville Metro Human Services following a lengthy open records battle between the publication and the Jefferson County Attorney’s Office, reveals that Meloche received $10,790 in unemployment insurance for 26 weeks in 2010 — the last disbursement arriving as late as Nov. 17, 2010 — despite voluntarily resigning. Additionally, Meloche was awarded $10,081 of “vacation pay – termination” just days before stepping down as the city’s top dog catcher, documents show.


The ease with which Metro allowed Meloche to claim benefits sharply contrasts its handling of other city employees’ benefits, especially those who have criticized the embattled animal control agency.


Additionally, Metro has denied benefits to former LMAS animal care manager Dawn Simpson, who resigned Aug. 21, 2009, after alleging sexual harassment by Meloche and retaliation by him and Zelinsky, then the agency’s second-in-command.

Go IMMEDIATELY read the entire story from LEO Weekly’s Jonathan Meador.

And you wonder why anyone had little faith in Jerry Abramson or Metro Animal Services.

To think Wayne Zelinsky – a Meloche pal – is still in charge of that joint.

I hang my head in shame for this city.

Here’s hoping Greg Fischer really does turn LMAS around.

P.S. Looks like several things we reported last week were quite accurate. For a refresher of the nightmare(s) continuing to take place at Metro Animal Services, click here to read an open letter from an employee.

6 thoughts on “Yet Another Rage-Inducing LMAS/Meloche Story

  1. What a nightmare! It is hard to believe that it was only that Jerry was “heardheaded” and couldn’t admit a mistake that lead him to continually call Meloche a “change agent” and allow ,and in fact, advocate for him to receive unemployment benefits while he fought those for Robbie Ressinger (fired over the cow etc.)and Dawn Simpson just to name a few, to be denied. Shameful. Wonder if Capt. Wayne is threatening the staff like Meloche did with you better not do or say anything since he “Meloche” had a personal relationship with the Mayor. And what’s with the County Attorney’s office trying to stonewall? Kudos again to Jonathan Meador and Leo and to Jake and Jon Fleischaker for shedding the light of transparency on this cesspool.

  2. Until Fischer’s dad buys Greg some cajones (he’s bought everything else) LMAS won’t improve. Until Zelinsky and his followers are removed by the Mayor.

    I think there should be a new running post every week that grade’s Louisville new Mayor and Lexington’s new Mayor. Each are rich businessman and each have screwed up already. Mayor of Louisville won’t clean house and Lexington’s newbie won’t clean house and and brought folks in that will be problematic in the future. I give Mayor Fischer a “C” and I give Mayor Gray a”D” come on Fischer, get rid of the jerk and put in respected folks who care and will do the job. It’s like you got the brand new car (the new animal house) but you let the SafeAuto, multiple DUI, douchebag drive it (Zelinsky).

  3. Makes you really wonder what Ole Giles really has on King Jerry.. Maybe they did have a fondness for each other after all.. I think Giles used to call it a “kind of gay love” at the shelter.. Just curious..

  4. this story has legs. keep digging until you find the truth. anytime there is money involved, it always gets a whole lot more interesting. and concrete. LMAS employees can complain all they want ( and god knows they have reason to) but this is the story the news folks will follow. because their superiors will let them.

  5. just wondering if the recently fired LMAS employees will get to draw unemployment, oh and of course, they were not fired in response to recent events, no not at all, he just wants to talk to you, you know, person to person, face to face, its safe, its all good, no one will be fired. right if your buying that load of bull I have a couple bridges I want to sell you.

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