3 thoughts on “Where Did Bill Alexander Disappear To?

  1. Where did he disappear to?

    Uh, Jacob. Did you not learn anything in grammar classes, or are you so young that you never had any grammar lessons.

    Proper question: Where did he disappear. Not disappear to.

  2. Dear Mr. Florida: (Are you the weirdo former “crime reporter” who know runs a BBQ joint?) If you hadn’t noticed, everything I write is dumbed down, hyped up and 99% Kentucky slang. Both on Page One & ‘Ville Voice.

  3. It’s funny that the guy who tries to correct your grammar had an incomplete sentence and missed the question mark in his second “paragraph.” Don’t get me started about the mess that is his “correction.”

    Obviously this is the reason why JCPS needs to reorganize 3 of our failing high schools: inflated egos and poor education.

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