We Get Awesome Karen Sypher Emails

It’s true. The gross Karen Sypher – Rick Pitino sexytime scandal is going to send us to our grave early.

Check this hilarious email we got last night:

You so snarkily ask why Karen Sypher didn’t bring this stuff up prior to now? Guess what: If you bothered to go into the court documents that were submitted and are open to public scrutiny via the US District Court of Western Kentucky OR if you bothered to download the pdf file given on the WLKY website, you would know that Earhart withheld three bankers’ boxes of exculpatory evidence from his client. This case was always corrupt, and journalists in Louisville REFUSE to see it for what it was: A Giant Fraud on the Court.

It came from someone who apparently doesn’t realize that The ‘Ville Voice was the one of the first outlets in the city to start digging through those court records. Or that we spent nearly a year cutting Karen Sypher all kinds of slack.

She wasn’t able to back any of her claims up when we responded, other than to proclaim that legal motions contain an email trail involving Steve Pence, Dana Kolter, Tim Sypher, Wyckoff and a representative of Reebok that allegedly shows collusion to use Karen Sypher’s allegations to get money from Rick Pitino or to destroy her because they “were not about to let the Reebok deal as sponsors of Yum Center fall through.” (Granted, all of that would be kind of a big deal if it were blatant, cut and dry and easy to explain to the general public.)

Feel free to click here (Warning: PDF Link) to read the entire response from the prosecution.

You are welcome for the laughter.