We Can’t Find Anyone Who Likes JCPS Today

Republicans support statewide smoking bans because it’s not 1950. The “property rights” argument is fearful horseshiz and everyone knows it. [Page One]

Greg Fischer will deliver his first State of the City this Thursday. Prediction: Platitudes, hope, corporatespeak, paperwork, pretending everything is puppies & rainbows, et al. [WFPL]

The Latino community is right to express fear about Kentucky’s proposed racist immigration bill. Getting pulled over every five seconds because you’re not white will suddenly be a lot more common – even more so than it is today. [Bluegrass Politics]

Kentuckians can now vote on the 2011 election slogan. [SoS]

She killed her three kids, set her home on fire and killed herself. This has to be the saddest story in months and months. [WHAS11]

In the wake of the attack on Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in Tucson, Arizona, John Yarmuth says he’s got a bit of extra security these days. [WAVE3]

Jefferson County Public Schools and the local board of education may be flustercucks. But Fayette County Schools and the board there aren’t afraid of interacting directly with the public on their turf. Maybe Louisville could learn a thing or two from Lexington. [H-L]

Speaking of JCPS, the board voted to re-staff our three failing high schools of Fairdale, Doss and Seneca. Does it even matter? I mean, is this something A Kentucky Newspaper is going to complain about in five seconds because their friends could lose a couple million? Or is it legit? Does anyone even trust the board these days? [FOX41]

Teabaggers oppose cuts to Social Security. Generic Republicans oppose cuts to Social Security. Democrats and Independents oppose cuts to Social Security. So much for all that hype about cutting “entitlements.” [DailyKos/PPP & CBS/NYTimes]

Surely the folks at LEO Weekly realize a spammer took over Todd Lally’s old domain name, right? [Fat Lip]

4 thoughts on “We Can’t Find Anyone Who Likes JCPS Today

  1. I wonder of any of Louisville Legislators will have the cajones to ask Mayor Fischy about LMAS? Will the press ask in their 10 min? Or will it be business as usual. I think if I’m legislator, I’m asking and demanding LMAS be straight- up fixed. There countless groups who would love to go Frankfort and appear before certain committees to shed some light on the plight of LMAS. What’s gonna be Jefferson Co. delegates? Are you going to demand action or are you going to do nothing just as Fischy and Metro Council?

  2. If you are a legal immigrant, then you should have nothing to worry about. If you are illegal, then get your butt out of this country.

    How about people who look young in the 30’s and still get carded in liquor stores? Is that unjust too?

    They are trying to solve a large problem. You are trying to keep it going. If not, what is your solution to the illegals ALREADY HERE??

  3. Uh, being brown and looking young are two quite different issues.

    Fitting that a Clear Channel (of all places) employee would have such an anti-immigrant boner.

  4. I think there’s too many Americans who care too much about immigration. If we’re going to compete with China in the 21st century, we need to grow our population. If people want to come here to work, what’s inherently wrong with opening our borders to them?

    It’s all about fear of “the different”. That’s all it is.

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