We Can Stop Meth Without Silly Legislation

We’ve made it quite clear where we stand on the matter of requiring prescriptions for over-the-counter allergy medication. Sure, there’s a meth problem, but even law enforcement officials say proposed legislation (HB 15 & SB 45) won’t cut down on the manufacturing of the drug.

Not only will the legislation make it more difficult for you to buy some allergy medications for your kid in the middle of the night – if you don’t have access to a 24-hour physician – as this letter writing initiative from the Consumer Health Products Association points out:


Full Disclosure: They’re an advertiser on our sites, which only came about on Friday, well after we’d made our editorial position known.

The legislation could also make it more difficult for law enforcement to track and pinpoint producers of meth.

And is that really progress? I don’t think so.

Seriously – click here to send a letter to your state legislator urging them to oppose these junk bills. It’s quick and easy to do. Should also probably have your Facebook and Twitter pals do the same.