Tiny Bit Of “Day Of Service” Event Frustration

Greg Fischer’s upcoming “Day of Service” event will take place this Saturday, January 8. Which is fine and dandy.

But shouldn’t it have been called a “Weekend of Service” in order to include those who observe a religious sabbath on Saturday and those people who have jobs requiring them to work? I mean, since we’re being all inclusive and understanding and transparent and such.

Yeah, just a peeve. But a thought.

8 thoughts on “Tiny Bit Of “Day Of Service” Event Frustration

  1. I understand your peeve but it takes a lot of work from the nonprofits organizing the volunteering – lots of staff resources that would be hard to stretch into the whole weekend. There are currently over 600 volunteers signed up to help with over 60 projects. And more are welcome!

    It’s fine to criticize, but more useful to point out that volunteers are needed year round every day of the week. If someone wants to do something, I always say that there is always some where to serve meals, read to kids or pitch in where you have a passion. If anyone wants to help, sign ups are still available right now on the metrounitedway.org site – just click the Day of Service button.

    See you folks at Family Scholar House!

  2. I do that every five seconds.

    But many from the Jewish community have reached out to me to express their frustration. I’m not on the same page with them, as I’m not observant, but wanted to give them a bit of an outlet for stress.

    And for the lazies reading this: sign up to read to kids. It will literally change YOUR life. Do it. And if you can’t do anything or don’t want to, at least use the freebies you can get with coupons at Kroger and dunk them in the food bins for charity.

  3. I bet if JFVS or one of the other Jewish affiliated charities wanted to have a shift on Sunday, that could have be arranged….. just saying.

    Thanks, Jake. Lots of young minds out there who need some caring adults…

  4. Good Points, Jake. The sensitivity to faiths other than Christian needs to be recognized by the community. If we can’t make that small adjustment in something as positive as a period of community service, how are we ever going to bring the community together over public education?

  5. And how about those of us that choose to do something different as “service” – why do I have to sign up for one of the approved service projects? I do enough service that I got a presidential volunteer service award last year, but not doing anything on the “list.”

    And I agree with Steve, interfaith should probably be done at a more interfaith location.

  6. Anything more than brief interfaith service at the inauguration is out of place for elected officials. Church and state hand-in-hand is good for neither entity.

  7. We forget too often.
    As a MUW Board Member, I know that Kelly Garvey, the MUW staffer overseeing this, would be agast at the the thought of leaving someone out. I will personally bring this up at our next meeting and we will see what we can do next time.
    And Jake, thanks for all your support to MUW and the local volunteer community – and here’s hoping Michelle doesn’t blow me off next week.

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