The LMAS Rainbow Bridge Grows Again

Just like last week, the problems at Louisville Metro Animal Services are still alive and well. The Fischer Administration is still working to silence critics, they’re still personally attacking, lobbing empty threats hither and yon.

And this week comes news of some extra-lazy LMAS staffer using the same reason for death, without any specifics to back up their claims, of course, for multiple euthanizations.

Here are a few examples:

429445 — contagious disease; Severe URI. Cat will not survive another 24 hours. Inhumane to hold.

429451 — contagious disease; Severe URI. Cat will not survive another 24 hours. Inhumane to hold.

429452 — contagious disease; Severe URI. Cat will not survive another 24 hours. Inhumane to hold.

There are several more:

Happy Tuesday.

11 thoughts on “The LMAS Rainbow Bridge Grows Again

  1. Has the new No Kill group tried working with the new admin? I am so disgusted that this is still going on in Louisville. Time is critical. The Fisher Admin must act swiftly. New management, please!

  2. Every time I read one of these posts, it makes me ask “What did my dog go through there?” I know he is grateful to be in a loving home.

    Adopt people- designer dogs are plain silly when good animals need homes.

  3. Its funny how these are pictures taken on intake of the animals and they look healthy. But that has almost always been the case with cats at MAS. They come in healthy and in with days they are dying. Wonder if it is because no one cares to properly clean the cat cages and there is no quarantine area for the sick animals. There are 6 sides to a cage MAS employees NOT 4…

  4. You are so right EX employee. The animals ARE reasonably healthy when they get there, but give them a couple of days in the sicker cooker, withhold lifesaving medicines (why bother, they’re gonna kill em anyway!) and presto! you now have another reason to kill ’em. CD or contagious disease! See how easy the Shelter Management game is to play! The only losers are the animals, but who the hell cares about them anyway?

  5. Keep heat on the Fischer administration. He wasn’t in power when this mess and mistreatment started, but he has the power to change it. I think they are resisting any big changes or acknowledging what has happened at LMAS, because that will be an admission of guilt. It easier for the city to defy the whistleblowers and make them look like the bad guys, while the city tries to cover their mismanagement LMAS. It’s horrible that the animals have to suffer while dirty politics continued to be played.

  6. Yes EX-MAS employee! There are 6 sides to a cage. PetSmart staff that help adopt out MAS cats have not figured that our either. Yes they need a quarantine area. If they can get the rest of the total rebuild of metro funded and started they will have one. I think there are some lethal strains of URI affecting these cats and kittens.

  7. also, leaving a pool of water in the cat room after cleaning isnt hygenic either! no heat, lots of water, staffers not washing their hands nor using gloves, just keep spreading the shit around! no one knows how to properly clean there.. they dont care if all 6 sides are clean… look at the cage doors sometime… filth and crud accumulating there… hmmm mmm just think, some of these people have cats of their own and they probably are wondering “why is my cat sick?” well duh!!!!
    soap and water and bleach folks really simple

  8. PS
    There used to be a quarantine area… but of course the animals were put there and left… cleanliness is a big issue. you cant go from a sick cage to healthy cage without taking the sickness with you.. just sayin
    No one holds anyone accountable for making sure the cleaning is being done, nor is being done properly.
    Good Lawd, this is their idea of cleaning: put the cats in carriers, just spray some stuff in the cages, stand back and let loose with the hose, then put the cat back into the cage, dont bother wiping out the carrier, just put another cat in it and continue with your “cleaning” …dont even dry out the cage… wonder why so many are sick……right? all the while making a huge pool of water!!!! goodness gracious

  9. What has to happen for the mayor to take action? Would it take killing the whole damn 100and 200 building? Probably not….I do not think the give a shit.

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