Someone Should Hire The LMAS Casualties

Anyone out there got a job for one of the Louisville Metro Animal Services employees who was allegedly wrongly fired in retaliation for something Wayne Zelinsky merely perceived? (He’ll have to try harder if he wants to hit our sources.)

The individual is well-educated, has tons of animal care experience and is obviously no stranger to a tough work environment.

If interested, contact Jake.

8 thoughts on “Someone Should Hire The LMAS Casualties

  1. Lexington Humane Society is looking for someone to help place list animals back to their owners. Return to Owner Specialist.

    Good people lost their job, but Fischy keeps Wayne. Smooth move Gregy poo.

    If people want to donate items or money to Metro Animal Services could u post a link on how to do so.

  2. best to donate time right now, till they can answer for where donations have gone. strong backs and strong stomachs are what are needed at the moment.

  3. People were “laid off” 2 months into thier 6 month work assignment due to “overstaffing”. Call it whatever you want to Jackie and Wayne; everyone knows the truth. Your reign is coming to an end and the meak shall inherit the earth.

  4. Can you just imagine how cold and filthy it is out there right now with all this snow and freezing temperatures. I think there is a special place in hell for people who treat animals in this manner and Zelinsky should be first in line with Gulbe close behind. Poor innocent creatures.

  5. May I just say to you “Really” aka Holly, you are an idiot. I hope you are looking for a new job because you will need it soon.

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