Some Metro Animal Services Directorial Hypocrisy

Why is Louisville Metro Animal Services director Wayne Zelinsky operating an adult entertainment and security services business (in addition to pre-paid legal services?) while claiming to be focusing 100% of his attention on the nightmare at LMAS?

It’s called Derby City VIP, LLC and you should take a look at the goodies from the cached website, which he allowed to expire after criticism erupted within Metro Government:

My favorite bit is the part where he explains why you should use VIP:

Or feel free to take a look at the website for VIP, which we obtained from a cache file:


Isn’t that cute? All the while he allegedly tells a select few LMAS employees they’re not allowed to hold any sort of outside employment.

Do we really need the director of an entire Metro Government agency financially benefiting from the promotion of adult entertainment?

And you wonder why that place is a mess.

14 thoughts on “Some Metro Animal Services Directorial Hypocrisy

  1. According to Metro protocol, all employees are to report a second job in case there is a conflict of interest. I highly suspect that Mr. Z didn’t show up for an ethics training like the rest of Metro employees and therefore, he was unable to reconize this was wrong. Anybody that profits from adult services with discretion has no ethics or morals but can lead an entire department. Thanks Jerry and Greg. You have highly qualified people in LMAS that can and want to the job and do the right things but instead you put a “pimp” in charge. This is why Louisville can’t have nice things!

  2. I’m surprised Churchill Downs didn’t issue a warning to Pimp Z for using Derby in the business name. I think Pimp Z’s is demeaning “Derby”.

  3. Did I see that Capt. Wayne provides a french translator and escort? Hmmmm. Wonder who that might be? That is definitely why Louisville cannot have nice things!!!!!

  4. Dear Pimp Z,

    Please take your ” Trailer Park” lifestyle and go infect some where else. God only knows what “services” you provided to get where you are but you a truly a vile individual. Take your apologists with you. May you be stricken with Keith Hall’s hair, Richie’s stache, King David’s mom jeans and the mental capacity of Gooch, which coincindentally is the same as the T-Rex you’ll be discussing when you take meemaw’s ticket as she manipulates her rascal through Hamland in Northern Kentucky.

  5. This is an absolute disgrace. Former Mayor Happy Pants needs to be put under oath about this. Why was this guy hired. Who did the background check. Did he ever use the VIP services? Also like to know, why didn’t the Kentucky newspaper find all this out?

  6. If you check “”, it expired eariler this month. Could be a fun redirect to this web site.

  7. While I’m not surprised about low down Wayne, I am becoming more and more discouraged about Mayor Fischer and his administration. This is negligiance of duty and a serious lapse in moral obligation that definitely makes me wonder what else we have to look forward to with this new leadership.

  8. Cleaning up this mess post hast would be good for the not so great start that this administration has gotten off too. Kudos to Jake for, and pardon the pun, being like a dog on a bone on this story and continuing to dig. Great work!

  9. wow, our tax dollars at work, seems like the other pimps would be a bit pissed off that he has a second salaried job, can’t devote his full attention to being a pimp. easy fix, send him packing, and hey, my tax dollars can be used to start filling in some pot holes. a much needed area of attention.

  10. BG,

    Please explain in detail how exactly this is a reflection on Greg as mayor or his “moral obligation”? Do you think upon his first day in office Zelinsky reported he was running an escort service to his newly elected boss? And Greg simply ignored it?

  11. “Johnny” –

    Please explain in detail why exactly you believe I didn’t provide Fischer and his team with information long before publication? Do you think more than a month into his term in office, Fischer didn’t already know all the horse shiz Wayne Zelinsky was up to? And that he didn’t ignore it until he had egg on his face?


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