Smell Of Status Quo Totally Permeates Louisville

In case you were wondering, Kentucky’s unfunded pension liabilities are becoming an even bigger nightmare for the Commonwealth. [Page One]

We heard a nasty rumor that a certain A Kentucky Newspaper may be considering dropping a Monday or Tuesday edition. I don’t believe it actually happening, but it’s interesting that that’s the rumor floating about said newspaper’s employee pool. [Oh, To A Failing Industry]

According to a new report from the Sierra Club, Indiana and Kentucky power plants emit the 5th and 6th most toxic mercury pollution in the entire country. [Environment America]

It’s silly for Fayette and Jefferson Counties to still have County Judges-Executive. Absolutely silly. A waste of time, money and space. [H-L]

Greg Fischer gave his State of the City address yesterday. If you missed it, feel free to listen to it or read about it. [WFPL]

He says the status quo is unacceptable, but he was keen on understating the negatives yesterday. There’s a big difference between “almost 25,000” and 34,600 jobs lost. A big difference. [FatLip]

Someone probably needs to inform the County Attorney’s office that there’s more going on at Louisville Metro Animal Services than a few sexual harassment lawsuits against the former director. And to suggest that folks who have problems with LMAS go directly to the mayor’s office? Really? To the guy who has gone so far as to make threats and try to cover various messes up? REALLY? To the guy who issued a notice to administration and government types that any and all meetings, proclamations and events would have to be scheduled with Fischer via a form on his website, never on the phone or in-person? Riiiiight. Smells like status quo to me. [Even More FatLip]

It’s sad that the Catholic Archdiocese of Louisville fired a woman for complaining about its cover-up of a priest’s alleged behavior. It’s almost like Metro Government firing LMAS employees when they complain about anything. If not similar, it’s at least as disgusting. [FOX41]

Metro Councilman David James wants to bring live entertainment back to the Old Louisville neighborhood. Seems like a no-brainer, right? [WAVE3]

90% of JCPS parents say they believe diverse schools benefit their children. 79% believe their children should be able to attend the school closet to their home even if it increases segregation. Meanwhile, some JCPS board members are poo-pooing the results. [WHAS11]

11 thoughts on “Smell Of Status Quo Totally Permeates Louisville

  1. Granted, if you read the Once Great Newspaper’s take, you’d never know about that 79% part…

  2. Several newspapers, including one in Detroit, have eliminated “paper” editions several days a week. There seems to be no future in print.

  3. There is a lot of very interesting data in the report, if people could only get to the whole report. The link in a certain Kentucky Newspaper doesn’t work–it tells you that the “owner” of the report has set it as “private”. Really wonderfully helpful KN!

  4. UPDATE: The full report is now available on the JCPS website. It was not there earlier this morning.

  5. No it doesn’t Jake. All it did earlier and all it still does is link you to the 3-page summary on Orfield’s web site. The entire study is 59 pages and includes all the questions and the data. That is all the JCPS site did until I contacted them this morning.

  6. No surprise in that JCPS poll. Most of those “valuing diversity” want it iat somebody else’s expense. Just like the voters that want services without taxes.

  7. Mrs. Duncan,
    Its makes perfect sense to me that 95% of the
    students are satisfied with the so called ‘diversity’
    plan, there all ‘flunking’, and partying everyday in
    school. Their having a ball. Remember, 50%
    dropout rate, and 73% unwed mothers to boot.
    What plan of yours is working? Please let us know.

  8. chet needy: Fabulous observation. JCPS is a year-long party and on a daily basis is book-ended by a several hour bus ride through the hills and dales of one of the most ignorant and poorly educated major cities in America. Then, on Friday nights the h.s. students can go to a football or b’ball game and watch their fellow students play a game even though they can’t read or write.
    About 10 years from now, we’ll have a marvelously diverse community full of people of all races, creeds, and other stuff — all loving each other as they stand in line for their federal handout — cause they’re too stupid to hold a job.

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