Ready For Another Week In Possibility City?

Joe Biden will visit the McConnell Center at the University of Louisville on February 11. [UofL]

So it’s pretty terrific that Biden reacted hilariously to the pieces The Onion has produced about him. [HuffPo]

HAHAHA! Why on earth would Jerry Abramson decline to talk about the immensely popular weight loss program he allegedly started here in Louisville? What the living hell is going on? Jerry? Declining to talk? [LA Times]

Has the paper fired all proofers? Here’s a headline from Sunday at 5PM: Ex-president Bush W. Bush to sign book at Fort Campbell. To think some of those folks give me crap for the occasional typo. [Oh, The Poor Newspaper]

Gabe Bullard at WFPL deserves a round of hushed applause this morning. Today marks his first day on the job as news director of Louisville’s own hippie news network. ALL YOUR NEWS ARE BELONG TO GABE. I know this is how he talks because he has a robot pencil sharpener. [Radio Thoughts]

Mitch McConnell might chart a new courts course in the U.S. Senate. Are your eyes bleeding out yet, folks? [H-L]

The Archdiocese retaliating against parishioners for daring to talk about the church hiding a priest accused of sexual abuse? Way to go, Louisville! This is obviously a scandal we need to have continue to happen. Because that’s how the faithful are supposed to treat everyone – with disdain and ignorance. [FOX41]

The Louisville Orchestra is getting the funds it needs to pay its musicians. What’s interesting to me about this story is that no media outlet is focusing on why this city’s arts are failing. Might it have something to do with the 34,000 corporate jobs the city’s leadership have let skip away over the past decade? [WAVE3]

Ever wondered about the difference between “teabagger” and “tea partier”? This may help. [Page One]

Last week we forgot to link to this thing where Radio Robot Gabe Bullard compares Jerry Abramson’s state of the city to that of Greg Fischer. Take a look. [WFPL]

2 thoughts on “Ready For Another Week In Possibility City?

  1. Is it supposed to be a joke that you gave A Kentucky Newspaper shit for a headline typo and then proceeded immediately to do so yourself two headlines later?

  2. “Go, Mitch, Go!”

    KY Citizen: “Did y’all hear that McConnell says he’s gonna move the GOP in more active, constructive ways in the next two years?”

    KY Skeptic: “Yeah, sure. He mirrors our passive, aloof citizenry that allows evil, inane politicos to hold sway. By the way, does Empress Elaine still tie his Windsor knots?”

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