Brave Patriot Marilyn Parker Spreads The Crazy

Posting this on Page One, as well.

Yes, you already know that Brave Patriot Marilyn Parker is about as psychotic as your average street preacher.

If you don’t, here’s a taste of her lunacy:

Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here

See? More than a little extreme.

Welp, here’s a look at the lunatic fringe conspiracy theory Miss Patriotic Hot Mess is promoting on the internets:

She linked to this story.

Yup. Blaming the Tucson mess on Obama.

The kind of teabagger behavior that gives teabaggers a bad name. But it gets worse. She sent out this bit about Louisville’s new mayor on behalf of the Louisville TEA Party/Frank Simon Corporation yesterday:

(Let’s just pray that Louisville will not end up with a “food consumption act” promoted by its new liberal diversity driven mayor.)

The third prong in Mayor Fisher’s plan for Louisville is to make Louisville a more compassionate city. In Liberal translation, this means more social engineering, more entitlements, higher taxes, increased deficits, and the preclusion of Louisville to be an even bigger sanctuary city for illegal citizens and the homeless than it already is.

Lastly, all the mayoral liberal speak about Louisville being a city of diversity is appropriate for a large metropolitan city, as long as the diverse understand economic principles, and the diversity occurs naturally, through the will of the people, instead of being socially engineered by public officials at the expense of the tax payer.

This email was brought to you by Marilyn Parker TEA officer. The view expressed in the Fischer commentary is mine alone. Future email distributions will bring you input from varying board members from our very DIVERSE conservative group that is held together by the common thread of Freedom, constitutionally limited government, and fiscal responsibility.

In Liberty,

Marilyn Parker
Louisville TEA Party

I’m waiting for someone to ask Brave Patriot Marilyn Parker to explain what a deficit is. Or explain why she used illegal immigrants during the construction of her massive East End home. Maybe ask her what she’s got against the homeless.

Moral of the story: Someone needs to take the crazy sauce away from her. She’s not a real life tea party member. She’s a teabagger of the Frank Simon variety, focused solely on complaining about the browns, the gays, the poors and anyone who says something she can’t comprehend.

It’s Metro Government Employee Speculation Time

Guess who is selling his fancy boat on Craigslist:


Originally posted during the work day on Metro Government time:

As if he doesn’t have a major scandal or two to handle during the work day. Taking time to sell personal items on Craigslist. And you think he’s taking his job seriously.

Note: While I have email proof he discussed the sale of his boat during working hours, I can’t post it without compromising the identity of our sources.

Attorney General Jack Conway’s Monthly Column

As we embark on a new year, I want you to know what an honor and privilege it is to serve the citizens of this great Commonwealth. I ran for Attorney General because I believe it is a position in which a person can truly make a difference for Kentucky families. The work being done by this office is touching lives, young and old, in every corner of the Commonwealth. I’d like to share with you some of our many accomplishments from the past year.

Elder Abuse & Neglect
Reorganized Office of Medicaid Fraud and Abuse Control to devote additional investigators to elder abuse and neglect cases.

Charged 21 individuals or entities relating to abuse and neglect of vulnerable adults in 2010, bringing the total number of charges to 55 since I took office.

Combating Medicaid Fraud
Increased Medicaid recoveries by more than 600% since 2008 when I took office.

Awarded or recovered more than $20.3 million in 2010, bringing our total recoveries since I took office in 2008 to more than $141 million for the Kentucky Medicaid program and taxpayers.

Read the rest by CLICKING HERE… including the part where he neglects to mention his own controversial involvement in a rate increase mess…

Hope You’re Enjoying Your Snow Day Today

Greg Fischer has been openly skirting campaign finance laws since 2008. This is nothing new. He may be making positive changes in Louisville, but he still hasn’t learned his lesson. Still an amateur. [Curt Morrison]

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Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is a model for equality and human rights. [The Advocate]

Lilly Ledbetter, Gender Equity Pioneer and Fair Pay Activist will be speaking at UofL in conjunction with her keynote talk at the Louisville Metro Human Relations Commission’s Fifteenth Annual Race and Relations Conference. She will be speaking about her experiences championing gender pay equity. January 25, 2011, 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm, Ekstrom Library, Chao Auditorium. Free. For additional information, please contact Marian R. Vasser at 852-2252 or [This Is Pretty Slick]

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I think it’s a good time to go see “To Kill a Mockingbird” at Walden Theatre. January 20 through 29. Just $15 ($10 for students). Take your kids, teach them about equality. Well worth it. [Consuming Louisville]