Happy Monday Morning! Jerry’s Crew Borne Anew

You folks breathing a big sigh of relief as Jerry Abramson walked out of the mayor’s office for the last time (as mayor) yesterday? Or are you just getting ready for Jerry Jr? [H-L]

Fischer was officially sworn it at his home at 9:00 P.M. by Judge Olu Stevens:


Greg Fischer’s inauguration will be larger than those previous because even Jerry knew when a circus was a bad idea. Particularly in recessionary times. [WFPL]

The cat killer faces more charges! Someone should torture him. Maybe sentence him to work at Metro Animal Services. [WHAS11]

Educational leaders seem to be experts at starting and fighting wars over education. Yeah, nationally, but we’re extra-familiar with it here in Louisville. [HuffPo]

A Kentucky Newspaper says the year’s first shooting took place in the West End. But we hear a shooting at Donnagan’s was the first. Sources working at neighboring bars tell us it definitely happened just. Interestingly, there was an unmarked van of cops in flak jackets swarming the scene. [Deep Deadly Thoughts]

That Jeffersonville Ohio River shuttle over to the fried chicken arena? They’re shutting it down. [FOX 41]

You know how everyone hoped and prayed the Karen Sypher – Rick Pitino sexytime scandal was going to die in 2011? HAHA, fat chance. It’s back in the news. This time it’s all about how much the extortion plot was worth. [WAVE3]

It wouldn’t be a weekend without someone in Louisville getting killed, would it? [WHAS11]

If you’re not ready for the Louisville Jewish Film Festival, you might wanna be. Cause it’s coming in just about six weeks or so. [Consuming Louisville]