Jerry’s Kids Are Still Ruining Everything Forever

The local nutbag wing of the teabaggers found a new way to attack John Yarmuth by essentially blaming him for what happened in Tucson. [Page One]

He’s right. Universities don’t consider themselves part of state government unless they want money from the General Assembly. And the purpose of the educational establishment is to perpetuate the educational establishment, not to educate our children. I’ve written about the salaries of JCPS officials a few times and this is another aggravating look. [Ralph Long]

In case you still need proof that Jerry Abramson and his administration was one of the worst in history? In case you still need proof that it’s a bad idea for Greg Fischer to have hired most of them to work in his administration? We remind you of the corrupt shiz people like Bill Summers are still doing. P.S. to LEO: Quit pretending the Democrats in Frankfort aren’t just as conservative and ridiculous as the Republicans. [LEO Weekly]

Seriously, this Karen Sypher mess has gotten out of hand. Can we just deport her? Please? Or can we at least stop talking about how she has had sex with every man (BUT ME!) this side of the Mississippi? Jesus H! This is getting disgusting. I’m at the point where I would voluntarily castrate myself if this story would just go away. Also, there is something about some sexytime photos and a rug. [WHAS11]

You don’t have to like David Williams or the specifics of his neighborhood schools bill. But isn’t it more than premature and a lot corrupt to kill any discussion of educational progress in Kentucky? This, again, is why Kentucky and Louisville can’t have nice things. [FOX 41]

Really, it’s definitely one of the reasons we can’t have nice things. The Democrats in this city need to grow a pair (yes, even the women) and stand up to educational bureaucratic campaign dollars for long enough to examine all sides of the issue fully. That includes people like Joni Jenkins, Mary Lou Marzian, Darryl Owens, Tim Shaughnessy, et al. [The ‘Ville Voice]

If you missed it, here’s your chance to hear David Williams and Rick Rand at yesterday’s Louisville Forum. [WFPL]

Okay, so WAVE3 never comes to mind when you think of serious journalism. Maybe no outlet and no names come to mind in Louisville. That’s fair. But you’d think a major outlet wouldn’t just walk blindly with a press release from the governor’s office. Funny how this story doesn’t take a look at the reality that this Bridges Debacle Forum is nothing but a bidding conference. Makes it easier to target the major out-of-state bidders. In fact, on the second day of the “Forum,” the Bridges Authority plans to hold meetings with big bidders that require reservations. So much for transparency and providing local jobs. [WAVE3]

Morels Vegan Food Truck has far exceeded its Kickstarter fundraising goal. Good going, Louisville! [Click Here]

This Is Why Louisville Can’t Have Nice Things

By now it should be pretty clear that my politics do not in any way mesh with right-winger David Williams (the racist tripe he’s pushing as “immigration reform” is despicable) or old codger Dan “My Indiana Daughter Can Get Elected In Kentucky” Seum.

But I’m finding it tough to disagree with Williams in his latest campaign email blast:

Dear Supporter,

Sen. Dan Seum and I are pushing hard for our neighborhood schools bill but deeply entrenched interests in Frankfort are rearing their heads. We received troubling news last night – House Education Committee Chairman Carl Rollins (D) told the A Kentucky Newspaper that he would refuse hear the bill in committee. Read the article for yourself here. (ED: We will not link to it)

Sen. Seum and I believe that we need to get children off the bus and into the classroom. We also feel strongly about charter schools, as last year Rollins and Gov. Beshear teamed up to kill charter school legislation that cost our children $175 million in Race to the Top funds.

It is clear that Rollins, Gov. Steve Beshear and others in Frankfort are controlled by the Jefferson County Teachers’ Union. They don’t want neighborhood schools, voluntary charter schools, increased pay for teachers who recruit students into Advanced Placement classes, or any other new ideas that might actually improve education for our children. I am fighting as hard as I can for these ideas but I need your continued help.

Tell your friends and neighbors who feel as strongly as you about this issue to get involved. I hope you will circulate this email among your networks so that people know the process in Frankfort has failed them. Last week, the Senate passed this crucial legislation and now one person in the State House is refusing to let it go any further. This is going to be an issue for the rest of this session and I plan to talk about it every time I am in Jefferson County during the upcoming gubernatorial campaign. For those who haven’t done so, you can sign the neighborhood schools petition here.

Thank you in advance for your support and help.


David Williams

While I don’t like everything he has to say – and he seems to believe JCTA controls the world – it’s ridiculous that the financial desires of a few (and you know it’s because of campaign contributions) are able to squash discussion amongst the entire legislature.

Kentucky – and Louisville, specifically – is aching for educational reform. If we continue to kill things before they ever get started, we’re never going to find progress.

Yet Another Rage-Inducing LMAS/Meloche Story

This is disgusting.

Really. Put down your coffee and just read:

Gilles Meloche, the former director of Louisville Metro Animal Services who resigned in 2009 amid allegations of animal torture, sexual harassment, misappropriation of animals, and inhumane conditions at the agency’s 3705 Manslick Road shelter, received more than $10,000 in unemployment insurance compensation from the city last year, according to records obtained by LEO Weekly.

The documentation, provided to LEO by Louisville Metro Human Services following a lengthy open records battle between the publication and the Jefferson County Attorney’s Office, reveals that Meloche received $10,790 in unemployment insurance for 26 weeks in 2010 — the last disbursement arriving as late as Nov. 17, 2010 — despite voluntarily resigning. Additionally, Meloche was awarded $10,081 of “vacation pay – termination” just days before stepping down as the city’s top dog catcher, documents show.


The ease with which Metro allowed Meloche to claim benefits sharply contrasts its handling of other city employees’ benefits, especially those who have criticized the embattled animal control agency.


Additionally, Metro has denied benefits to former LMAS animal care manager Dawn Simpson, who resigned Aug. 21, 2009, after alleging sexual harassment by Meloche and retaliation by him and Zelinsky, then the agency’s second-in-command.

Go IMMEDIATELY read the entire story from LEO Weekly’s Jonathan Meador.

And you wonder why anyone had little faith in Jerry Abramson or Metro Animal Services.

To think Wayne Zelinsky – a Meloche pal – is still in charge of that joint.

I hang my head in shame for this city.

Here’s hoping Greg Fischer really does turn LMAS around.

P.S. Looks like several things we reported last week were quite accurate. For a refresher of the nightmare(s) continuing to take place at Metro Animal Services, click here to read an open letter from an employee.

Ohio River Bridges Debacle Forum Is Coming

Oh my gay stars – I am aghast at this press release from the Governor’s Office:

Governor Encourages Business, Union Leaders To Learn More About Jobs at Bridges Project Forum

Industry innovation fair will bring together Kentucky, global companies to learn about thousands of jobs and share cost-saving ideas

FRANKFORT (Jan. 12, 2011) – Gov. Steve Beshear today invited companies from around Kentucky and across the globe to learn more about how they can be part of the Ohio River Bridges Project, a major, decade-long construction effort that will create thousands of jobs.

Beshear encouraged small business owners, union leaders and construction company executives to register and take part in the Ohio River Bridges Project Industry Innovation Forum on Feb. 16 and 17 at the Kentucky International Convention Center in downtown Louisville.

The event – co-sponsored by the Louisville and Southern Indiana Bridges Authority, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and Indiana Department of Transportation – will draw hundreds of participants to learn more about the largest bi-state transportation project in the two states’ history.

“The Ohio River Bridges Project will create thousands of good-paying jobs and pump billions of dollars into our regional economy,” Beshear said. “I want to make sure that Kentuckians are poised and ready to land as many of those jobs as possible.”

Attendees will also discuss creative approaches to financing, design and construction to lower the overall cost of the project. Beshear, Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels and Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer are scheduled to speak at the event.

This is turning into an all-out PR war, isn’t it?

Read the rest and foam at the mouth with us after the jump…

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Felner Ghosts Still Haunting The Education System

The mess that crooked Robert Felner created for the University of Louisville is still rearing its ugly head. And this time? It’s causing goosebumps and anxiety among educational watchers in Los Angeles. We’ve received more than 50,000 hits in the past three days from LA, all from folks researching the Felner-Schroeder-Deasy scandal.

John Deasy – the guy who gave Felner a $375,000 contract and then got a fancy degree in a single semester, something that usually takes years – is all over the news for landing the head job in the Los Angeles Unified School District. He’s not superintendent and is paid more than the NYC schools chancellor.

If you’ve been a follower of this story, CLICK HERE to read the rest…

Getting Personal: Let’s Make A Good Thing Happen

There are few things I love more in life than eating. My life revolves around food. Growing, cooking, eating, consuming. I talk about food 24 hours a day. (Yes, I’m one of those people.)

I’ve also been a vegetarian (limited eggs & dairy) for about 20 years. While Louisville is no stranger to vegetarian dining, it can be tough finding a vegetarian or vegan-friendly restaurant in town that isn’t serving the same thing (mushrooms, bell peppers and bread) and calling it veg.

Imagine my excitement when Michelle Jones introduced me to Morels (Vegan) Food Truck! I’m still giddy – a month later – just thinking about it.

Here’s the skinny on it:

Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Even tasty for meat eaters.

Which brings me to my point: I believe in this so deeply (and they’re SO close to their goal!) that I contributed $100 to this project this morning. Literally hope to put my money where my mouth is.

If you have a dollar and like giving back? Click here. I know things are tight in this nightmarish economy. But I also know you have a dollar and a desire to see local entrepreneurs find success. You all (every single one of you) helped me find success. So let’s work together to make other dreams come true. (And then we can all get fat together.)

Support your local economy. Support local foods. And let’s help make an already terrific food city even better.

UPDATE: He’s just $101 away from his goal now.

UPDATE FIVE MINUTES LATER: They’re now over goal. Terrific!

Frankfort Is Like An Alien Nation Inside Kentucky

Kentucky is one of only two states where individuals may openly carry a gun into the state’s legislative chambers. You read that correctly. We’ve been covering this issue for years. [Page One]

So OF COURSE Steve Beshear is a-okay with folks openly carrying guns inside legislative chambers. And you folks get pissy when I legitimately criticize him. You should be ashamed. [AP]

The Associated Press has finally caught on to the John Deasy job in Los Angeles. The Robert Felner scandal lives. [San Francisco Chronicle]

Do you qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit? Then apply for it. Governor Steve Beshear held a press conference to discuss it yesterday – in a grasp at political points – but it was still a good move. [Press Release]

Greg Stumbo isn’t afraid to tell people to stop smoking in cars with children. But he’s afraid to talk about allowing guns in Frankfort’s legislative chambers. [H-L]

Do you think Bill Samuels (HINT KIRBY ADAMS HINT) will send us about 4,000 bottles of Makers 46 to mark his retirement from Maker’s Mark? [FOX 41]

Dear cops: Threatening handicapped folks in line at McDonald’s with your gun is a great way to make a bad name for the entire police force. Stop it. One idiot shouldn’t get to ruin life for everyone. [WAVE3]

The 2011 Kentucky Derby Festival Royal Court has been announced. Caitlin Carter of Big Spring, Katie Huber of Glasgow, Trisha Maclin of Marion, Laura Don Oliver of Princeton, Lauren Smith of Lexington, Kara Schultz of Louisville. [WHAS11]

Car-Free Happy Hour takes place tomorrow from 5:30 to 8:00 in Germantown. [Consuming Louisville]