Tiny Bit Of “Day Of Service” Event Frustration

Greg Fischer’s upcoming “Day of Service” event will take place this Saturday, January 8. Which is fine and dandy.

But shouldn’t it have been called a “Weekend of Service” in order to include those who observe a religious sabbath on Saturday and those people who have jobs requiring them to work? I mean, since we’re being all inclusive and understanding and transparent and such.

Yeah, just a peeve. But a thought.

Will King & Fischer Be Able To Work Together?

Will Greg Fischer and Jim King really be able to work together?

Phillip Bailey’s latest piece in LEO Weekly raises that point:

[T]here are serious obstacles, such as the 9 percent increase in the city’s payment to retiree benefits that was approved by the state last year. Though growth is expected, the revenue forecasts for the 2011-2012 budget are not yet in, and it remains to be seen how Metro officials will find the additional $6 million before the new fiscal year takes effect July 1.

The Fischer administration also is inheriting a decade-long legal battle between Metro government and a group of retired Louisville firefighters, who could receive millions of dollars after the Kentucky Supreme Court turned down the previous administration’s request for an appeal. The 140 retirees claim they are owed more than $17 million in compensation and interest due to miscalculated overtime pay over a 15-year period.


Some council members who are unsure about Fischer — a political novice — view King’s leadership as a crucial component to crafting a budget. There are also city lawmakers who believe that as the chief negotiator with the mayor, King’s command of public policy and ability to lobby veto-proof votes will give the council a critical upper hand in dealing with a relatively inexperienced mayor.

“Greg and I will work well together,” King says. “We both have a business career in our background, and he respects my abilities. There will be a good balance there.”

Click here to read the entire article – Sixth & Jefferson – which replaces the former Jerry’s Kids.

I think it’s a point worth discussing. Fischer’s got an economic nightmare on his hands and a Metro Council that remains skeptical of his ability to govern. With a former rival wielding serious budget power at the helm of Metro Council, could we see fireworks? Will everything be puppies and rainbows?

I’m betting King gets to show Fischer a thing or two. And there’s nothing Fischer will be able to do about it but take it.

Louisville’s: A Great Place You’ve Never Heard Of

Louisville was named to the Great Places You’ve (Maybe) Never Heard Of list in Mother Earth News’ and we are excited. It goes on sale January 25.

While they’re seriously off on our population in the press release (256K? really?), it’s more great news for our beloved city. A terrific promotion of our sustainable building practices and the hope we all have to make this a great place.

An excerpt from the article:

The diverse Old Louisville neighborhood has one of the country’s largest collections of restored Victorian homes, and it also boasts an extensive system of pedestrian-only streets. Recent development projects show additional promise. Film producer Gill Holland, Louisville Magazine’s 2009 “Person of the Year,” has purchased tracts in the downtown area and is helping to reinvent the neighborhood as an arts district built on sustainable development. Holland’s neigh- borhood centerpiece is The Green Building, a 15,000-square-foot converted dry goods store that houses a café, gallery and office spaces, and is Louisville’s first LEED Platinum green building project.

Or, if you want to read the entire page from the upcoming issue that features Louisville, here you go:


Just more for us to love about this place.

Let’s Build A Dead Chicken Statue Or Whatever

It’s a shame the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission didn’t see fit to do what it said it was going to do and investigate whatever was up with Life At Ten. Somebody needs to light a fire somewhere. [Paulick Report]

The University of Louisville hopes to combat teen pregnancy. [84WHAS]

If you’re free on February 17, you should consider going to Frankfort to take part in the annual Children’s Advocacy Day. [Page One]

The folks at LEO love them some “breaking” headlines – and they’re all over PETA building a crippled chicken statue in the highlands. We’d write about it, since we got the same press release, but why expend the energy? I (Jake) am a 20-year vegetarian and think this mess, while hilarious and noble, is a waste of time and money. What an eyesore. I’m betting the thing is vandalized in no time flat. [FatLip]

Jesus, why don’t we just drain the damn Ohio River? Forget about the damn bridges. [WHAS11]

If only this were true about Kentucky’s theme park future. Hilarious. But we wish it were true. [LEO Weekly]

Really, the Fischer folks are still having a meltdown over criticism. Shame on me for questioning more than $150,000 spent on a single day for a single ego. Shame on me for questioning whether or not any public dollars were spent during a recession. It was just a tiny little party, right? No harm, right? Ha. [We Still Get Comments]

Greg Fischer is currently experiencing a fancy media honeymoon. Right now it’s all about how he is the king of snow removal preparation. [WAVE3]

Members of the Jefferson County Board of Education are defending the student assignment plan. Something tells me that’s not going to go over too well. [FOX 41]

How has the recession changed us? Take a look at all these charts. [The Atlantic]

That’s right. Louisville is among the worst cities to find a job. 26th out of 30. One spot worse than Cincinnasti. [FatLip]

First Of Fischer Hitting Metro TV Programming

Was trolling the Metro Gubmint website and discovered some of the first footage and talking points from the new administration in the opening of this Metro Edition program.

Take a look:

I do like his talking points. They translate well to television when Fischer himself isn’t using them.

The rest of the program is pretty good, too. It’s a look at how code enforcement officers try to deal with abandoned and neglected properties, the history of the Louisville Water Company and how a ballet was created.

A Metro Animal Services Tidbit For You

Last night Metro Animal Services Director Wayne Zelinsky had a rather important meeting scheduled with coworkers and officials from the Humane Society of the United States.

We hear through the grapevine that Zelinsky canceled his appearance at the meeting at the last minute. Why? Because he was allegedly called to the mayor’s office and told to cancel all meetings that he had.

My sources at LMAS say they didn’t hear from Zelinsky for the rest of the evening.

2011 Derby City Film Fest Nominees Named

The 2011 Derby City Film Festival has announced the 11 films named finalists in three categories along with five actor and actress nominees.


  • “Almost Nothing Good Happens”, Kentucky – Directed by Tom Whitus
  • “Hell is Full”, Kentucky – Directed by Steve Hudgins
  • “Hitting the Nuts”, Ohio – Directed by Joe Boyd


  • “Miracle on 42nd Street, New York New York”, California – Directed by Jerri Sher
  • “The Very Worst Thing”, Kentucky – Directed by Michael Crisp
  • “Our House”, New York – Directed by Greg King


  • “K”, Kentucky – Directed by Nate Morguelan
  • “Meth”, Ohio – Directed by Michael Maney
  • “Red Princess Blues”, California – Directed by Alex Ferrari
  • “The Escape”, Switzerland – Directed by Rajko Jazbec
  • “Two Men, Two Cows, Two Guns”, Canada – Directed by Pardis Parker

Best Actor

  • Scott Davis – “Almost Nothing Good Happens”, Kentucky
  • Dan Davidson – “Meth”, Ohio
  • Larry Strauss – “White Knuckles”, California
  • Richard Tyson – “Red Princess Blues”, California
  • Nicholas Levonte Roberson – “The Singer”, Illinois

Best Actress

  • Martie Ashworth – “White Knuckles”, California
  • Ariel Rose – “Marble Rye”, Missouri
  • Tabitha Morella – “Red Princess Blues”, California
  • Sebrina Siegel – “Remaindered”, California
  • Stephanie Brait – “Meth”, Ohio

41 films will be screened during the three-day festival, which takes place February 18 through 20 at the Clifton Center. Tickets are cheap. GO! If you are a movie nerd or like fun.

John Yarmuth Blasted GOP Power Grab

Last evening John Yarmuth sent out a press release blasting Republicans for their insane power grab that would give the Budget Committee chair the purse strings. Here’s a taste:

(Washington, DC) Congressman John Yarmuth (KY-3) has called on the House Republican Conference to abandon their proposed new rule that would grant the Chairman of the Budget Committee unprecedented power to set federal budget spending levels simply by printing them in the Congressional Record, without any deliberations or debate in the House.

“By intentionally bypassing the committee process and granting unprecedented, unilateral power to just one Member of Congress, this policy makes a mockery of our legislative process and attacks the principles of our nation’s democracy,” said Congressman Yarmuth. “A vote for this package is a vote to abdicate our responsibilities to the nation and to our constituents’ needs.”

Wanna read the letter?

Peep the full text after the jump…

Read moreJohn Yarmuth Blasted GOP Power Grab

Furloughs Coming To A Kentucky Newspaper?

Gannett Co is forcing another one-week furlough for employees.

Check this from the Wall Street Journal:

Gannett Co. said all non-union employees in its U.S. community newspaper unit will be required to take a one-week furlough during the first quarter of the calendar year due to continuing revenue declines in that division.

Gannett executives said the unpaid time off is in response to revenues that remain short of where they were a year ago.

Does this mean we can expect more anger and frustration at Sixth & Broadway?

As much disdain as I personally have for a couple people at the paper, it’s frustrating for me to see friends and colleagues suffer a pay cut like that. It’s bad for journalism. Bad for our economy. Bad for our community in general.

No Wonder The Orchestra’s Withering On The Vine

Hilarity: WHAS11’s 6PM cast last night featured a bit about the $150,000 price tag for Greg Fischer’s inauguration. Glad I could help the teevee folks out with a little foaming at the mouth. [WHAS11]

The Fischer folks aren’t happy with any criticism, apparently. As they can’t deal with the fact that I’m questioning the massive amount of money spent on inaugural events. $150,000 for a single day. And I’m the bad guy for questioning it. HA. [We Get Comments]

Louisvillians seem to be hyper-focused on the issue of coal mining and mountaintop removal, so you should consider reading this story about hearings that focus on a Massey mine in Pike County. Polices and safety culture and such. [H-L]

Seems Massey is resorting to old ways to resist reforms. Never-ending environmental soap opera. [Buy It For $25 To Celebrate & More]

Seems the David Williams – Richie Farmer ad on The ‘Ville Voice is making quite a splash. Ruh ro for Steve Beshear? [FMIKY]

Greg Fischer is talking about job creation. But we’d love to see some serious action. None of that fancy ice machine lie-talking, either. [WAVE3]

Will we ever start looking inside the city for great public employees? And will any of them be under the age of 50? [FOX 41]

If you missed it, here’s the full text of Greg Fischer’s inaugural address. [Metro Government]

We absolutely love the Louisville Orchestra. It’s one of this city’s major assets. But here’s the deal: it’s going to continue dying an agonizing death as long as tickets cost $30-$72. [Consuming Louisville]

Why, it’s almost like the good folks at the LEO are getting lots of ideas from us these days. [FatLip]