Metro Council Chairs & Vice Chairs Named

Yesterday, Metro Councilcritter President – for the second time – Jim King named the chairs and vice chairs of various committees.

King will chair the Committee on Committees and the Committee of the Whole.

Here are the rest:

Appropriations NDFs and CIFs

  • Dan Johnson (D-8) — Chair
  • Robin Engel (R-22) — Vice-Chair


  • Marianne Butler (D-15) — Chair
  • Kelly Downard (R-16) — Vice-Chair

Community Affairs

  • Barbara Shanklin (D-2) — Chair
  • Bob Henderson (D-14) — Vice-Chair

Contracts and Appointments

  • Mary C. Woolridge (D-3) — Chair
  • David Yates (D-25) — Vice-Chair

Energy and Environment

  • Glen Stuckel (R-17) — Chair
  • Judith Green (D-1) — Vice- Chair

Government Accountability and Ethics

  • Tina Ward-Pugh (D-9) — Chair
  • Kevin Kramer (R-11) — Vice-Chair

Health & Human Needs

  • Vicki Aubrey Welch (D-13) — Chair
  • Brent T. Ackerson (D-26) — Vice-Chair

Labor and Economic Development

  • David Tandy (D-4) — Chair
  • Stuart Benson (R-20) — Vice-Chair

Parks, Libraries, Zoo and Cultural Assets

  • Jerry Miller (R-19) — Chair
  • Rick Blackwell (D-12) — Vice-Chair

Planning/Zoning, Land Design & Development

  • Jon Ackerson (R-18) — Chair
  • Tom Owen (D-8) — Vice-Chair

Public Safety

  • James Peden (R-23) — Chair
  • David James (D-6) — Vice-Chair

Transportation, Bridges and Public Works

  • Robin Engel (R-22) — Chair
  • Cheri Bryant Hamilton (D-5) — Vice- Chair

“The committees will be lead by a strong group of people who have the experience and solid understanding of the needs of Metro Government,” said King. “I believe the citizens of Metro Louisville will be very well served by the Council members who have been selected.”

They Don’t Want You To Talk About Education

I’m on the National Education Association’s side of this argument, but it’s silly how they’re in complete attack mode when it comes to David Williams. [We Get Comments]

A Kentucky Newspaper already has its cake. It apparently wants to eat it, too. For a long ass time we’ve been told that the local student assignment plan isn’t about race. But the latest editorial cartoon from Marc Murphy says it is. So which is it? [Facebook]

The Jefferson County Teachers Association voting to ask that Sheldon Berman be retained as superintendent of Jefferson County Public Schools should send a message: THIS CITY IS DOOMED. Send your kids to boarding school far, far away. [Hot Effing Mess]

They’re the same folks working like mad to squash any discussion on the educational front. We’re not talking about merely working against legislation they don’t like – but working 24/7 to kill any discussion about the options Kentucky might have. [WHAS11]

Do you like bourbon? Do you like cake? Then you’re probably going to like bourbon cake. It’s a lot like rum cake, but, uh, it’s flipping crazy. YOU NEED THIS. [WAVE3]

Need something to do for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day? The University of Louisville has a ton of events. [UofL]

Michelle Rhee has learned a lot about school reform. She’s launching a national movement to transform education. Obviously, we’ll ignore it in Kentucky. [Newsweek]

Some ladies are suing Insight Communications because they don’t like being forced to use their fancy cable boxes. [WHAS11]

Realy? How on earth is it a “surprise” that Shepherdsville lost up to $2 million and has no idea where it went? How do you lose $2 million? I smell a Crit Luallen audit coming in this crazy scandal. [FOX 41]

1st Chance To See Star Trek: The Exhibition

Ready for your first chance to see Star Trek: The Exhibition at the Louisville Science Center?

On Saturday, January 22, you’ve gotta go to Science with a Twist: An Evening Aboard the Enterprise. For as little as $25? You can nerd out like woah. And maybe even meet Robert Picardo, the doctor on Star Trek: Voyager.

The skinny: (Gotta be 21) Star Trek-themed cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, laser tag, a preview of Quantum Quest in IMAX and music. A Power Hour Reception starts at 7:00 P.M. and tickets are $250. The main event is $100 and starts at 7:30 P.M. The Fan Club Party, which includes a cash bar, complimentary cocktail and light desserts, starts at 9:00 P.M. and costs $25. Cocktail or Star Trek attire encouraged. Proceeds benefit the Science Center’s work to promote science literacy. A portion of each ticket is tax deductible.

It’s Been A Year: Remembering Lovely Francene

Seems like it was yesterday that Francene Cucinello was boasting of a prominent Democrat asking her to consider a bid for elected office. Seems like it was yesterday that we were having coffee while gossiping about Jack Conway’s bear arms. Seems like it was yesterday she was working with us to uncover the Robert Felner scandal. Seems like it was yesterday she was changing Louisville and Kentucky for the better with her glaring voice of reason and intoxicating personality.

January 15 marks the anniversary of her untimely death. Can’t believe it’s been a year since her passing. A year since her earth-shattering memorial service. A year since the State House and Senate adjourned in her honor.

Francene’s one of the few people in this community who worked hard to keep elected officials honest, the press legitimate and life good for those who needed her.

Hope you’ll help me honor her by remembering that being oneself is important. In politics. In media. In everyday life.

I miss her.

Local Star’s Web Series Is Closer To Release

Some weeks ago we mentioned that a local girl who has made it big was in town filming a new web series called stalkTALK – about a 12-step rehab group for recovering B-list celebrity stalkers.

Well… I just heard from the TONY-nominated Rachel Helson and she shared a new trailer for stalkTALK.

Take a look (there’s some funny foul language, so turn those speakers UP if your’e at work right now):

Filmed right here in the River City. That’s Rachel with the faux unibrow.

Can you spot the daughter of Ron “Opie Griffith” Howard?

If you check out this photo of Rachel’s character, you’ll get a sense of just how hilarious she is.

Can’t wait for the full release.