Let’s Work Together In An Effort For Change


I’m tired. You’re tired. We’re all tired of the mess at Louisville Metro Animal Services. We’re impatiently waiting on Greg Fischer’s new administration to “review” the flustercuck that remains in the post-Gilles Meloche era. We’re all itching to do something more.

So guess what? That’s exactly what we’re going to do.

Thanks to several LMAS employees, we’re undertaking a heartbreaking and upsetting project called LMAS Rainbow Bridge. On a regular basis, we’ll be publishing photographs of animals in the care of LMAS that have been euthanized – along with the staff notes and reason for euthanasia. Our goal, while definitely to shine a light on everything at LMAS, is not to demonize anyone. We hope to drive up pet adoption rates and recruit additional volunteers. Maybe if people see photos of these beautiful creatures and see their often ridiculous reason for death? Maybe that’ll spur some action on every level.

Note to LMAS Administrators: If you attempt to retaliate, you’ll need to retaliate against dozens of people inside and outside of your agency who are partnering with us on this project. Anything negative I hear and can confirm will be immediately made public. Like I told you last night, tons of elected officials are watching you with a close eye, as well.

It all starts today. Here’s the first:

429077 – severe URI, very sick

We chose an easy to stomach pet to get started. Some of the rest will probably infuriate you.

Like this one, who was put down because it bit someone:

429116 – behavior history (bite)

Don’t worry – we won’t be publishing these photos on the main page of The ‘Ville Voice. That’d be worse than those horrendous ASPCA television commercials. But they will be available at LMASRainbowBridge Dot Com, a separate site here at TVV & P1.

I hope you’ll all help to change the status quo at Louisville Metro Animal Services. People can help themselves. Animals can’t.

Be sure to spread the LMASRainbowBridge Dot Com word.

Councilcritters Are Giving Away 15-Year Contracts

William Mapother narrated a documentary on Sudan called The New Sudan. now that the Southern Sudanese are voting on a referendum for secession and freedom, you should probably check it out. It’s now available on many on-demand cable services, though not on Insight. Proceeds benefit the Southern Sudanese. [William Mapother]

Keep the family of Sandy Speer in your thoughts. The former Actors Theatre Louisville genius passed away. [Deep Thoughts]

Remember when Greg Fischer was super-anti-Rand Paul? Now he’s trying to be BFFs with him. Paul’s staff tell me Fischer’s folks nearly begged for the meeting. [FatLip]

Here’s yet another look at the folks suing Insight Communications for snatching their money. As much as we hate it, $15 still cheaper than maintaining your own TiVo or paying for software upgrades. [H-L]

So THAT’S what that sound was last week! [FOX 41]

Meanwhile, your Metro Councilcritters are about to give Insight another 15-year contract. Really. 15 years. If this city cared about actual competition, wouldn’t that be cut down to one or two years, tops? [WFPL]

Greg Fischer’s people are STILL bitter over our questioning of his lavish inaugural events. It’s almost as entertaining as seeing his staffers out on the town when they’re drunk, bragging and spilling the dirt. [We STILL Get Comments]

Did you see yesterday’s 39th annual motorcade in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as it rolled through Louisville? [WAVE3]

Joe Arnold had a lengthy interview with failed Jefferson County Public Schools superintendent Sheldon Berman. I mean, if you wanna check it out. [WHAS11]

Okay, what IS it with Shepherdsville attorneys going missing? Is it something in the water or what? [More FOX 41 & WAVE3]

You should go enter to win free tickets to the fancy Star Trek shenanigans at the Louisville Science Center. Michelle didn’t disclose where she obtained the tickets to give away, as the FTC requires, however. [Consuming Louisville]

New Louisville Metro Animal Services Project

Note to LMAS administrators: If I hear of further retaliation against your staff for daring to do the right thing? I’ll personally pay their legal bills when they start to speak up. My legal team will represent them. Countless elected officials will also be keeping a close watch.

On to the post…

Boy, do I have a treat for you folks.

Tune in tomorrow for my new project involving the Louisville Metro Animal Services.

You’ll be equal parts outraged and heartbroken.

Marilyn Parker: Lying Fool Or Just Embarrassing?

You be the judge.

Earlier this week, Brave Patriot Head Case Teabagger Racist Messican Fearer Marilyn Parker was spreading her crazy on thick. She was just cold blaming the Tucson tragedy on some President Barack Obama conspiracy that involved the Russians. Because that made tons of sense.

Just a day later, her teabagger cohorts were struggling in vain to blame the whole thing on John Yarmuth. We clarified for the nutbag wing of the teabaggers at the time that Yarmuth was correct in stating that deranged teabaggers had, indeed, brought guns to various health care town halls and other teabagger gatherings. It’s like the nutbag brand of teabaggers have minds so small that it’s impossible to remember anything more than a few weeks old.

So, naturally, Marilyn Parker decided to continue lying about it, spreading more hatred and vitriol.

You’ll probably want to CLICK HERE to read the rest of this craziness…