No Wonder The Orchestra’s Withering On The Vine

Hilarity: WHAS11’s 6PM cast last night featured a bit about the $150,000 price tag for Greg Fischer’s inauguration. Glad I could help the teevee folks out with a little foaming at the mouth. [WHAS11]

The Fischer folks aren’t happy with any criticism, apparently. As they can’t deal with the fact that I’m questioning the massive amount of money spent on inaugural events. $150,000 for a single day. And I’m the bad guy for questioning it. HA. [We Get Comments]

Louisvillians seem to be hyper-focused on the issue of coal mining and mountaintop removal, so you should consider reading this story about hearings that focus on a Massey mine in Pike County. Polices and safety culture and such. [H-L]

Seems Massey is resorting to old ways to resist reforms. Never-ending environmental soap opera. [Buy It For $25 To Celebrate & More]

Seems the David Williams – Richie Farmer ad on The ‘Ville Voice is making quite a splash. Ruh ro for Steve Beshear? [FMIKY]

Greg Fischer is talking about job creation. But we’d love to see some serious action. None of that fancy ice machine lie-talking, either. [WAVE3]

Will we ever start looking inside the city for great public employees? And will any of them be under the age of 50? [FOX 41]

If you missed it, here’s the full text of Greg Fischer’s inaugural address. [Metro Government]

We absolutely love the Louisville Orchestra. It’s one of this city’s major assets. But here’s the deal: it’s going to continue dying an agonizing death as long as tickets cost $30-$72. [Consuming Louisville]

Why, it’s almost like the good folks at the LEO are getting lots of ideas from us these days. [FatLip]

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  1. Concerning those “expensive” Louisville Orchestra tickets – those are to the Pops series – the Beatles concert specifically – and THOSE are the ones they have no problem selling! The Pops series generates positive income. FYI.

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