Metro Council Democrats On Fischer’s Merger 2.0

Here’s what the Metro Council’s Democratic caucus has to say about Greg Fischer’s “Merger 2.0”:

  • “I commend Mayor Fischer for embracing this very needed but complex task. Ten years ago we began a bold venture in Metropolitan government and it now time to fine tune and review our future needs to keep this effort productive.” Councilman Tom Owen (D-8), (former) President of the Louisville Metro Council.
  • “I applaud the Mayor for moving forward with tackling an issue of concern for many of our citizens. It is time we have an honest and serious review of services provided in Metro Louisville and the cost. I look forward to assisting this group anyway that I can. The people of Okolona will be interested to see if government can offer a better rate than the private sector for these services.” Councilwoman Madonna Flood (D-24) Majority Leader
  • “Since my entire district is in a suburban area, I get many comments from constituents on this subject. I certainly want to be involved with this task force to improve the services in our suburban districts.” Councilwoman Vicki Aubrey Welch (D-13), Vice-Chair Majority Caucus
  • “I listen to many people in meetings and as I travel through our neighborhoods who ask questions about the very areas this task force will review. I look forward to seeing the work of this group as we continue to improve our community and ensure fairness to all areas of our city. Councilwoman Judith Green (D-1)
  • “Every member of the Metro Council has been asked about these aspects of merger over the last eight years. Mayor Fischer has become a willing partner to help us address these issues. I hope the public will take the time to also learn about what can and can’t be done without changes.” Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin (D-2)
  • “Since 2003, we have seen a consolidation of services between two governments but I and others have had some serious concerns about this mergered government now eight years later. Many of us continue to advocate equality in taxes and services for everyone in Metro Louisville. Hopefully, this task force will be able show us the way to a “true merger” of government to the benefit of everyone.” Councilwoman Mary C. Woolridge (D-3)
  • “It is a long overdue to address what many of us know is an elephant the room which is how to provide equal services at a fair cost to all citizen. I look forward to having an honest discussion and hearing all sides.” Councilman David Tandy (D-4)
  • “After eight years, I am glad we are finally having a discussion about taxes and services as it pertains to everyone in Metro Louisville.” Councilwoman Cheri Bryant Hamilton (D-5)
  • “Merger 2.0 shows great forward thinking and leadership of Mayor Fischer. I look forward to the outcomes of this task force as Mayor Fischer and Metro Council work to bring our entire community together” Councilman David James (D-6)
  • “I think it is wise to look back at how we started this merger and where we are today. Many people still do not understand how this government operates and why certain services are provided while other services are not. Hopefully, this task force will be an education process for the public on where we are and where we might want to go.” Councilman Bob Henderson (D-14)
  • “I am glad the Mayor is looking at this issue. This will give residents the opportunity to understand the many changes – good and bad – that have occurred since merger. I hope that an outcome is to separate the additional taxes collected in the Urban Service District to allow for a full accounting of services.” Councilwoman Marianne Butler (D-15)
  • “I appreciate the Mayor’s willingness to look at all areas of merger from garbage collection, recycling to the needs of the suburban fire districts. There are some tough financial realities that need to be addressed and the sooner the better.” Councilman Dan Johnson (D-21)
  • “I will work diligently with the Mayor and the task force to finally tackle the complex issues surrounding the realization of true promise of merger for District 25, South Louisville, along with the rest of this great City” Councilman David Yates (D-25)

Here’s hoping the Council Republicans will release something similar.

3 thoughts on “Metro Council Democrats On Fischer’s Merger 2.0

  1. Yep, “Bill” is right. This will be entirely about revenue generation. BUT either the county folks services better increase or the city folks better get used to paying for their own trash and having “vfd” instead of LFD

  2. WHAT??? City folks “get used to paying” for trash pick-up and fire protection??? Don’t you realize we pay twice as much property taxes than suburban residents!!! Don’t you know that the “urban services taxing district” was created at the time of merger so that we city folk could continue to pay City of Louisville taxes, and Jefferson County taxes, after the City ceased to exist? Meanwhile county folks pay ONLY Jefferson County taxes, and County taxes NEVER paid for sanitation or fire protection.

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