Metro Animal Services Situation Continually Bad

The folks who tipped Bennett off on this latest Louisville Metro Animal Services mess, did the same for me.

But why go to the trouble of writing about it when it’s already presented in a nice little video?

There are no words for this disgusting treatment of animals.

From what LMAS sources tell us, the Animal Care Specialist who was scheduled to work second shift was scheduled alone – with no way to clean kennels in the dark while completing other tasks. Based on what I’ve been able to gather, those tasks include gathering all the bowls from kennels, washing them and feeding three buildings filled with dogs. Unfortunately, there were several Specialists on first shift. None of them bothered to clean up the messes.

And on an alarming note… Pit Bull-type breeds aren’t supposed to be housed with smaller breeds. Obviously, if a fight breaks out, the bigger dog can kill or injure the smaller one. This issue has been addressed literally dozens of times. But guess what?

Here’s what was witnessed on Sunday:

Yup. Still going on.

Greg Fischer has no excuse not to act now. Today. If he does not, he is as complicit as the disgusting couple of people giving Metro Animal Services a horrible name.

Maybe Greg should take a good look at some of the animals being euthanized for ridiculous reasons. If he doesn’t like what he sees, he can wait til we publish even more photos tomorrow.

11 thoughts on “Metro Animal Services Situation Continually Bad

  1. The Mayor is a coward and weak. I guess daddy didn’t buy him brains or compassion. Can calls to PETA and National Humane Society do any good? The people who allow this to continue are absolutely the worst people in the world. Mr. Mayor you deserve to have your ass handed to you by every blog and competent local news stations. This has to stop but how? What more can be done to make sure Fischy gets the message! Where is Metro Council. This isn’t about a Dem or Rep, this about being a decent human being and help those that cannot help themselves.

  2. As we have said again and again, if Metro followed the gold standard American Animal Hospital Association (“AAHA”) shelter standards and inoculation protocol (inoculation on intake) then there would be little parvo or other preventable viruses. Not only is a disgusting filthy mess- Where is Capt.Wayne- but with one full time and three or four part time vets- they cannot even keep animals healthy or adopt “best practices”. This community and its animals deserve better.

  3. Oh and one more thing. It is in pretty much every employees job description to clean and disinfect kennels. So this employee had time to take pics and send out emails…really, then what, did the employee get ta cleaning or did the employee clock out and leave it? I don’t know, could it be?

  4. It’s pretty much not in every employee’s job description. And those duties are supposed to be handled by Dismas folks who just sit on their asses all day. Instead, they almost always fall to actual LMAS employees who are overextended in all duties.

    Your illiterate comment would potentially have legs if you knew what you were talking about and if the multiple individuals who sent the photos were employees instead of visitors to the facility.

  5. It was like that on Saturday too when the public was there looking at animals. I went with my spouse and it was disgusting. The place was filthy and it broke my heart for the animals. The people responsible for cleaning and their supervisors should be fired.

  6. Wake up Mayor Fischer! Those pictures are a normal sight at MAS. The Dismas employees do not do thier jobs most of the time. They sit and read magazines or write raps. The manager who is in charge of them does not make them do much of anything. The few good Dismas employees where treated poorly and carried the weight of all the slackers. The workers who care are ostracized by other employees. If they dare tell Wayne, he goes straight to the employees and lets them know there has been a complaint. Not to reprimand them, but to give them a heads up. There is nowhere for good employees to turn. THEY TRIED EVERYTHING BEFORE GOING TO THE NEWS. Now they are laying off people they think “snitched”. If is like working in a crime family. This has got to stop!

  7. I know you’re all gobsmacked over this but truly, it’s nothing new. This has been standard operating procedure at LMAS since Meloche showed up.

    Parvo? Nothing new there. In one of his last appearances before Metro Council, Meloche admitted to sending parvo-infected dogs to rescues because it was “too expensive” for LMAS to treat them. Only problems with that were a) LMAS did nothing to clean the kennels; b) NEVER then nor now are dogs vaccinated against Parvo on intake; c) the rescues these dogs were sent to often were never told the dog had Parvo; d) Parvo-infected dogs were also adopted out to the unsuspecting public.

    Same thing with other infectious diseases like FIV in cats, etc. Meloche freely admitted to sending infected cats home with adopters who are required to sign a health waiver relieving LMAS of any liability if the animal gets sick and dies.

    But that’s not even the most disgusting part. It’s this: if an animal gets sick and dies it’s noted as having died of ‘natural’ causes and LMAS doesn’t have to euthanize it. So animals are allowed to get sick and die out there all the time because it makes their “kill” ratio look good.

    Heat out? Let them freeze, because then you don’t have note that you killed them.

    Put a big dog and a little one together? Let the big dog eat all the food and the little one starve to death. You don’t have to note that you killed them.

    Put an aggressive dog in a run with other dogs? Let that dog injure and kill the other dogs. So you won’t have to note that you killed them.

    But at the end of the day Wayne, no matter how they died? You killed them.

  8. I volunteered at LMAS until I was threatened with arrest for saving a dog; I’ve moved but still own a home and pay taxes there, and I care about the animals because I know what they go through there. If the mayor truly cared about animals, about LMAS following the “No Kill resolution” passed by the Council, or about efficient, effective use of tax money, he’d get rid of Wayne Zelinsky and bring in a competent director committed to ending this senseless killing instead of “reviewing” what he’s known for months. And if No Kill Louisville and the Metro employees who filed complaints had any gumption, they’d use their collective power to get change NOW. Every day of waiting for this unnecessary review is a day when more animals die. But don’t ask PETA or the Humane Society for help–they’re the ones that argued that Michael Vick’s dogs should all be killed, and the Humane Society now says Vick should have another dog. It is up to the people of Louisville to act on behalf of the animals and be the change they want to see in the world.

  9. To clarify. 2 employees and a volunteer where aware of the dire kennel situation that evening. These employees had been working diligently in their department and were hopeful someone from the Animal Care Division would step up (which did not happen) to maintain the kennels as the days had seemed pretty slow (no large intake, ect.) After the photos were taken, the employees DID water the dogs. One employee was off the clock and had to leave the premises to avoid trouble (not allowed to be at the shelter off the clock.) The other employee had to clock out because they did not have approved over-time and had worked their 8 hours shift. The remaining volunteer went out to the kennels and began attempting to scoop poop before the sun went down and the task became impossible.
    Please know the whole story before passing judgment. Perhaps the employees should have gone to Wayne but I believe they honestly were fearful to approach him…..

  10. Yes I worked at the MAS hell hole. I worked 1st and 2nd shifts and NEVER did the kennels look like that. When I worked 2nd there were many times that I worked by myself feeding 3 building and unloading 6 trucks usually back to back, and the kennels NEVER looked like that. What are the people working there doing now, because I know that it was in my job description that I was to maintain and clean kennels. What are the workers doing and better yet Who is in charge? oh..I forgot a bunch of ass kissers… Maybe thats why I am no longer there, I don’t kiss ass and I don’t sugar coat things. As for the Dismas guys, when I was there they worked harder than most of the employees the kennels were always clean and they went out of their way to help. There was always a few who slacked but they never lasted long.. What I don’t understand is there are so many problems out there and management won’t get rid of the problems, like sexual harassment, they know who they are, and it’s NOT a guy!!!! Maybe someone should ask Kelly Downard about the pictures he received over 2 years ago with overcrowded conditions and cats dying in their cages!!!!!!

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