Mayor Greg Fischer Must Act Immediately At LMAS

Last week we kinda foamed at the mouth over news of the latest scandal at Metro Animal Services.

But check this comment we found on the WAVE3 “investigation” story:

Liberty Justice

Way to go, WAVE3. Outstanding. It’s really an amazing piece of investigative journalism when you ask the target of your inquiry if he is guilty or not, and then take him at his word. Wayne Zelinski has been named in the same sexual harassment lawsuit that the former director Meloche was, and yet you think of him as some kind of trustworthy person? What about the fact that he is having an extra-marital affair with one of his current employees? What about the fact that he has no idea what happens in the shelter, because he never actually goes into the shelter itself? What about the fact that they have suspended adoptions at the Manslick Road facility, and have ordered that any animal who isn’t a small cute puppy to be killed with all haste? What about the fact that he turned the new multi-million dollar Animal House over to a 22 year old girl who’s only work experience was some retail job, just because he fancies her? The employees and volunteers who brought this to your attention feared for their jobs, and trusted that you would do an investigation that was thorough and valid. They were horribly deceived. Wayne Zelinsky is “Meloche Junior”, and he needs to be immediately replaced. I dare say that he should also be investigated for violations of law and ethics as well. The only reason the massive euthanasia wasn’t carried out yesterday was that the news crews descended on the place, and he had to scramble. Also, the volunteer and rescue groups stepped in en mass to save the animals that he had slated for execution. He still hasn’t looked into the Dismas worker who is killing animals at the facility by stomping them to death. He still lets his employees H***** and R****** make arbitrary rules and regulations off the cuff, which allow them to do as little work as possible. Mostly because of the affair with the former, and his wish to have an affair with the latter. They discharge their responsibilities, and order mass euthanasia all the time. R****** has ordered that adoptions be halted at the Manslick location, and if you want an animal from there, you have to drive to the NEW Animal House facility across town to apply. It’s bureaucratic environmental racism. That means that you have to drive all over Louisville just to adopt. People will balk at that idea, and they will get to kill even more animals (so they can sit around and not do any work). I sincerely hope that you don’t let this piece stand as the final truth in this matter. Lying, malfeasance, corruption, cover-up, scandal, deceit. This is what awaits the journalist who really digs deep and gets the real story. I know Zelinsky has fobbed you off with his lying, I hope you will take a second look. You think he just installed a huge new incinerator at Manslick for the aesthetics of it? No. He has planned on opening an abattoir, or slaughter-house, if you will. His plan to fix the animal problem in Louisville is to kill them all, and burn the evidence. The more you kill, the less paperwork, and work involved. We are paying these people to sit around and do nothing, as is evidenced by a Dog Catcher who still insists on using the imperious title of “Captain”, and wears a suit to work every day. Or by people like H**** (a former bartender), and R******, (a former Mall worker), to handle such a huge enterprise with no direction whatsoever. Dig deeper, WAVE-3. Don’t annoy those of us who know better with these fluff pieces that make Zelinsky look good. He is a jackal, and he is laughing at how easily you were mislead and beguiled. Dig up the truth…present it to the public…It’s called journalistic integrity. Please make a note of it….

What a salacious comment. I have been unable to prove the allegations of affairs, but a lot of the rest – while rumor – are matters easily confirmed by other LMAS employees.

Even if only 10% of what’s alleged int he comment is true? I think that’s plenty for the new mayor to take swift action to clean house at Metro Animal Services.

Wow. Have at it.

10 thoughts on “Mayor Greg Fischer Must Act Immediately At LMAS

  1. Check it out-there are eight pages of comments on the WAVE story and WLKY did a story the same night on a little dog that came in healthy and was found dead and the post found the cause of death to be blunt force trauma- maybe there is something to the multiple allegations of stomping animals to death. We have heard rumors of the affairs for weeks from multiple sources. By the way- there allegedly has not been heat in the 100, 200 or cat area for two weeks. Some animals have allegedly frozen to death and others starved to death because they are bullied into not eating. They are now prohibiting anyone from rescuing or adopting any animal placed on the euthanasia list. We have also heard and we have hard evidence that Meloche and Capt. Wayne were behind the door busting warrantless kidnapping of pure bred puppies to hold for ransom or sale. And what ever happened to the AAA investigation? We can only hope that Mayor Fischer acts quickly to clean up this cesspool.

  2. Interesting (and disappointing) that the comments have now been REMOVED from this story on WAVE’s website.

  3. Wave3 working for you, what a farce after taking down the comments. Just another of the so called right to know media. Guess they have to cover up for the crooks running the system

  4. It doesn’t stop me from posting my comments in OTHER places though. All of the information in that post has been corroborated with employees, volunteers, and rescue groups. WAVE-3 will NOT stifle me. Neither will Wayne Zelinsky and the carrion he keeps. 1st Amendment everyone!

  5. I don’t have a “beef” with Mall workers and Bartenders. I just don’t want them put in charge of things they have no skill set to deal with. And yes, Metro Animal Services is a HUGE enterprise. Do you think we built a $2.6 million, 10,000 square foot facility during the depths of a recession/depression just for the fun of it? Government means to recoup it’s up-front costs, and the animals getting adopted (and the many fees collected) are key to making that happen. So I have nothing personal against low skill / low wage workers. I just don’t want them making important life and death decisions. Holy, Rebbecca and Wayne are incompetent, purposefully negligent, and grossly untrained to carry out the weighty positions they have randomly found themselves in. They need to be fired and quickly. Now that there is some fire under them, they are acting like they have been doing their jobs correctly all along. Sorry, too little, too late. People might remember when Holly actually cared about the animals, but those were short lived days. Rebbecca never cared about the animals and still doesn’t. She even tells everyone that there is something wrong with shelter dogs, and that they shouldn’t be adopted. Get these high school educated cretins out of there, before we lose any more animals, time, money, and resources!

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