Marilyn Parker: Lying Fool Or Just Embarrassing?

You be the judge.

Earlier this week, Brave Patriot Head Case Teabagger Racist Messican Fearer Marilyn Parker was spreading her crazy on thick. She was just cold blaming the Tucson tragedy on some President Barack Obama conspiracy that involved the Russians. Because that made tons of sense.

Just a day later, her teabagger cohorts were struggling in vain to blame the whole thing on John Yarmuth. We clarified for the nutbag wing of the teabaggers at the time that Yarmuth was correct in stating that deranged teabaggers had, indeed, brought guns to various health care town halls and other teabagger gatherings. It’s like the nutbag brand of teabaggers have minds so small that it’s impossible to remember anything more than a few weeks old.

So, naturally, Marilyn Parker decided to continue lying about it, spreading more hatred and vitriol.

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