Louisville’s: A Great Place You’ve Never Heard Of

Louisville was named to the Great Places You’ve (Maybe) Never Heard Of list in Mother Earth News’ and we are excited. It goes on sale January 25.

While they’re seriously off on our population in the press release (256K? really?), it’s more great news for our beloved city. A terrific promotion of our sustainable building practices and the hope we all have to make this a great place.

An excerpt from the article:

The diverse Old Louisville neighborhood has one of the country’s largest collections of restored Victorian homes, and it also boasts an extensive system of pedestrian-only streets. Recent development projects show additional promise. Film producer Gill Holland, Louisville Magazine’s 2009 “Person of the Year,” has purchased tracts in the downtown area and is helping to reinvent the neighborhood as an arts district built on sustainable development. Holland’s neigh- borhood centerpiece is The Green Building, a 15,000-square-foot converted dry goods store that houses a café, gallery and office spaces, and is Louisville’s first LEED Platinum green building project.

Or, if you want to read the entire page from the upcoming issue that features Louisville, here you go:


Just more for us to love about this place.

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  1. No matter if you like Jim King or not I must admit he has a successful accounting firm and operates a successful local/regional bank. His business background will help the whole county.

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