Local TeeVee News Rumor Round-Up Time

Here are the latest teevee news rumors floating about. Take them with a grain of salt:

  • Marc Weinberg will allegedly move from Fox in the Morning to the evening FOX41 program
  • Paul Emmick of 41 will be let go (hope not)
  • Jude Redfield of WTHR in Indy will move to Fox in the Morning
  • And a lady from one of the Indy stations is interviewing for Jamie Martin’s job at WHAS, as he is allegedly moving to South Bend.

See? Rumors can be fun, kids.

Especially when they have absolutely nothing to do with Metro Animal Services.

12 thoughts on “Local TeeVee News Rumor Round-Up Time

  1. Hope the rumor about Paul Emmick isn’t true. I grew up watching him when he was with a station in Evansville.

  2. Paul Emmick is my favorite local weather person. He never hypes up the weather, just tells as it is, I’d be sad to see him leave. Who the hell wants to see Weinberg at night???

  3. Paul Emmick is far and above the rest of the weather guessers. Weinberg is should get a job on a monkey grinder box.

  4. Take out “allegedly” on the first two rumors. Done deal.
    Don’t know about the last two rumors. Shame. Emmick is a great guy. He will be missed.

  5. In case folks haven’t noticed by now, when I run these things as rumors they’re pretty much already set in stone.

    I just wish some of them weren’t true, like with Emmick.

  6. Thanks, Jake. All the more reason why I read your website daily. You do more digging than most of the reporters I used to work with.

  7. Hi Jake! I can confirm my departure from WHAS to ABC57 in South Bend as Chief Meteorologist. Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner! I have always enjoyed the Ville Voice and wanted to say thank you for all the news and laughs! I have loved being in Louisville and will miss everyone! BTW, we have had 53 inches of snow so far this month. Now that is snow!

  8. I think FOX-41 made a mistake letting Paul Emmick go, does anyone know where he will be going to???? Please let us know…..

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