LMAS Rainbows – January 25, 2011

430508 — owner requested (cat)


430552 — owner requested (17Y cat)


004866 — owner requested (14Y dog)


430469 — owner requested

429817 — contagious disease; parvo

429275 — owner requested; dog ataxic in the hind legs, veterinarian suspects CDV (canine distemper Virus) ! recommend ET ASAP to protect other puppies in the shelter due to the contagious nature of CDV

2 thoughts on “LMAS Rainbows – January 25, 2011

  1. If ALL animals are being vaccinated upon intake, how is there so much disease? OH, I know why…..because not all animals are being vaccinated!!!!

  2. There is certainly some of that, ukfan1969, add that to the fact that the facility is over-run with germs, bacteria, feces, and a whole plethora of contagious diseases, it’s no small wonder. It needs to be razed to the ground, and rebuilt. 40+ years of filth and waste will spawn some really hardy diseases!

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