LMAS Rainbow Bridge Updates – Still Problems

Nah, the problems at Louisville Metro Animal Services aren’t going away. And since two of Greg Fischer’s top people have called me today to freak completely out and to go so far as being just shy of threatening me, I’d say they wish this nightmare of animal abuse and dereliction of duty on the taxpayers’ dime would disappear.

I don’t like intimidation. It’s personally disappointing, I admit it. Especially when I know I’m doing the right thing (rare).

But guess what! I’m not going anywhere. Neither is LMAS Rainbow Bridge, an extension of this website where you can view all the photos of animals euthanized by Louisville Metro Animal Services along with the reasons for their death.

Those reasons for death are sometimes specious, like this:

429419 — behavior observed; dog alarm barks non-stop

429574 — behavior observed

429536 — behavior observed; fearful

Wanna see a bunch more? Here you go:

Happy Friday.

19 thoughts on “LMAS Rainbow Bridge Updates – Still Problems

  1. When a bright light is shone cockroaches scatter.

    Jake- seriously grateful. I am absolutely disgusted with this mess- there is nothing humane about any of it. I don’t care if you post about it 10 times a day, no amount of attention is too much.

  2. Keep the heat on them Jake. Something must be done. Our new mayor needs to terminate all the top personnel and start fresh. Or he will only be a four year mayor.

  3. I say we pool our money together and purchase air time from local affilates and show these horrorific pictures and at the end put Greg’s photo with a caption “Not one city. Just one person can make all the difference.” Take out a big section in the Leo, Velocity, The Voice-Tribune, a Louisville Newspaper, the UofL and Bellermine student newspapers, Put posters up and down 4th street Bardstown Rd. and Frankfort Avenue, Rent ad space at the Airport, sides of TARC, make a Youtube video to go viral for all to see. Put it on facebook and tag Greg’s page to it.

  4. The facts are all in on this one. Study is no longer required. Incompetence is established beyond ‘a shadow of a doubt.’ Time for the new mayor to demand his ‘fact finders’ reach a conclusion so he can make a decision. Greg: There’s a lot of work to do around here. Remember: “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs.” This mess is easily solved. Solve it. Fire ’em all. And lets get on with the “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs.”

  5. The Mayors office & City administration as entrenched by the king Krook himself & past master of deflection is so trained to just act like there’s No problem or make a Huge problem look like a petty small one by not responding to the problem. After all!….If they don”t react or slow walk it, They minnimize it!….They control the exposure it gets in the Courier-Journal with their deals & trade-offs. No one internally would Dare demand performance cause it would “draw Fire” to them and possibly damage their chance of ever getting cooperation from the powers!

    What the heck is needed is for the people in the responsible positions to do their rescective jobs they are entrusted to do !

  6. This whole mess is criminal. Greg Fischer made many promises on the campaign trail, but he never had any intentions of fixing the problems. Mr. Fischer, you are sealing your political fate!!!! Louisville has a lot of animal lovers and the media attention WILL NOT STOP!

  7. I think people would do well to compare the dates LMAS took the heat for the dirty kennels (Jan. 15 and 16), and look at the number of animals they killed on those two days. They don’t have time to improve their living conditions but they do find the time to kill them. Interesting. This just proves what their priorities are.

  8. First, Little Piggy,
    No one is saying fire them all. There are select few that need to removed immediately. It has been 19 days since Fischer took office and he still hasn’t acted with urgency and effectiveness to solve the problem. Creating a task force for review is him passing the buck exhibits his lack of leadership skills and guts. Metro is going to have problems and challenges over the next four years and his inaction action doesn’t past the smell test. This is a horrific problem and pets are being neglected and killed for reason other than LMAS leaders have no conscience and zero compassion and think there above everyone else. If the Mayor allows this type of people to serve in his administration than Louisville and its good citizens are in trouble. While pointing fingures only takes time away from solving this problem. It should be noted the Metro Council has shown it is also unable to lead and take appropriate action. They care more about a phantom pro basketball team than lives of innocent animals and human lives that have to endure this painful and emotional experience that keepany up all night worrying and trying to do more. It has cost others their job in a time where unempyment is at its highest for Ky. Influential members of the community have also not step forward to use their money and power to change the current sad state of affairs at LMAS.

  9. Another day has passed with zero action. 20 days since Fischer took office. LMAS is still a mess.

  10. If news of the review team is correct, it’s useless. The review team is supposed to compare LMAS with other shelters? How does that help, when Kentucky’s shelters, with a few exceptions, are the worst in the nation, and the nation’s not doing too well either? Compare LMAS with shelters that implement the “No Kill Equation”–but first get rid of Zelinsky and Co.

  11. Mayor fischer is doing a cover up job. I do not expect any changes to be made. The good employees will get weeded out like the one that got weeded out two weeks ago. She did everything she could to help animals, was harrassed for her orientation. Hr Is covering that up and they better watch out because the ACLU is going to love to take on that case.
    The good employees are being retaliated against as I speak. Who is going to doing the right thing here. Louisville’s animals deserve better. NKL thank you for what you are doing for this city. LMAS will continue to smear your name because they know you are trying to help the animals.

  12. I wonder if the other guy won the race, things would be any different? Only thing colder than Louisville’s weather are the heart’s of it leaders. Inaction and silence is the worst possible way to govern. Fischer is clueless, gutless, and inept.

  13. 20 days. First off, let’s be clear. Yes, there are problems. But let’s be rational for a moment here (I know, it’s hard to accomplish when you see pictures of kittens and puppies). If Fischer’s administration were to simply fire the people that are, as of now, ALLEGEDLY responsible for this (I am not saying that it isn’t true, simply that it isn’t proven), the city could very well have a wrongful termination lawsuit on its hands. It is unfortunate that government moves slowly, but it’s better to move slowly and make the right decisions than to move quickly and make the wrong ones. I don’t applaud Fischer’s reaction to this, but I refuse to condemn him and his administration as you do.

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