Lexington’s New Mayor Pulls A Crazy One

Dear Jim Gray: You just probably killed your entire administration. Hiring Jane Driskell? REALLY? Have you not read about ANY of the hoopla in Louisville? Wow.

Check this from the Herald-Leader:

Jane Driskell will be Commissioner of Finance and Administration…


Driskell comes to Lexington from Louisville city hall where for 12 years she served in a variety of finance and budgeting positions. Since March 2009, she was Chief Financial Officer and director of management and budget for Louisville Metro Government, appointed by former Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson.

Here are a couple things that come to mind:

Guess Mayor Jimmy didn’t bother paying attention to the Metro Government audit, either.

Wow. Just wow.

Way to taint a good thing before you get off the ground.

1 thought on “Lexington’s New Mayor Pulls A Crazy One

  1. I am just glad she is gone, don’t care where she goes, as long as it is not here.
    She is Lexington’s problem now, and not the first to leave here, and go there. Maybe we could get them to hire the rest of “The Jerry Machine”

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