Let’s End A Week With More LMAS Death

What, all the photos we posted yesterday weren’t enough? Never fear – here are dozens upon dozens more.

I’m particularly interested in these reasons for death. Forgive me for being suspicious that they’re, you know, almost always the same. But I don’t trust much coming from Louisville Metro Animal Services.

Here are a few:

429815 — behavior observed; tried to bite, growls on hard stare

429598 — behavior observed

429973 — behavior observed

429907 — medical; severe uri, et for humane reasons.

429932 — medical; severe uri, et for humane reasons

430030 — medical; severe uri, et for humane reasons

Greg Fischer may not be responsible for the majority of this nightmare. But every day it continues? He’s got quite a few animal bodies piling up on his watch. Stay tuned for some of the documents I’ll be releasing next week.

Take a look at the latest five posts that are absolutely filled with photos today:

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18 thoughts on “Let’s End A Week With More LMAS Death

  1. I want the mayor to take a pro-active approach and clean this up fast. A moratorium on the death march until a leader is in place who can compassionately handle these cases would be a step in the right direction. I voted for Mayor Fisher and truly want his administration to succeed in their efforts to improve in all areas of our metro government. Obviously this is an emergency situation and it demands serious attention.

  2. I have had cats all my life, all rescues or strays, all taken to the vet whenever they are ill on only one time has a cat of mine had an uri – it was a kitten and it recovered with a little care.. All my relatives have cats. My friends have cats. Strays. Uris? NO.

    This is utter and complete bullshit. These are adult cats we are seeing put down. No way in hell all these cats are ill.

  3. All these illnesses are just excuses he needs to put on paper to make it look like they are necessary. I went to PetSmart today for pet supplies. While there I went to look at the cats they had there for adoption which come from MAS. Two of them had notes on them that they needed medical attention. One had runny eyes. Apparently they are not being given the shots they are supposed to be given when they are taken in. Some of the prices to adopt an animal from them is way too high. Many of the animals they get are already spay/neutered yet, they include that in costs. Lower the price of adoption and maybe more of these helpless animals will be adopted. I go out to MAS and take treats and food to the dogs and I still will because it seems like no one cares at all about them anymore except the people on here. I go through each kennel and give every dog a treat and kind words. They are for the most part very responsive to a kind word and a tiny pat on the head through the fence.You bet they are frightened and scared and cold and hungry and suspicious of people. They don’t know what is happening to them. This has got to stop, it is barbaric to treat animals in this way. These pictures are heartbreaking. Hope Mayor Fischer has seen them, if not, they should be sent to him. Thank you Jake. As painful as it is to see these, I think you keeping this out there is going to do some good in the end. I just hope it is soon.

  4. Imonit, I agree with most of what you are saying except the price of adoption fees being too high. The animals get microchipped, altered, all vacs, various tests and liscensing. Anywhere else this would cost way more. Also, most cats are not altered on intake.

  5. $100,000 salary and only 5 years of experience and a bach degree. Sounds like the job description for Director was written with someone specific in mind. Again, how much private money was used for Greg’s festivities? I wonder how many could have been saved? I wonder how much food could have been bought? How many medical needs could have been solved? How much medical
    equipment could have been purchased. He has time to facebook and go to soccer games but I bet he and staff don’t have the guts to tour LMAS? Fischy didn’t have control when this started to occur years ago but he has done little to slow down this snowball that is filled with digust and shame. There is great opportunity to fix this and turn LMAS into a great place but until each of Meloches’ stains are removed then the same
    will keep happening.

  6. To Laura, Unfortunately these cats probably are ill as they have been exposed to a lot of germs at MAS. Go to Manslick and visit the stray room. You will see sick cats if you come before that day’s ET. It is upsetting and makes me cry and if there are more homes and more fosters then fewer will die, but do not doubt many are severely ill and suffering with an endless stream coming in each day.

  7. RE: Vaccinations: With full support of your statements I wanted to add something. Even cats vaccinated on intake get sick. No vaccine for most strains of URI. Immune system compromise due to stress of being in a shelter + exposure, even if vaccinated can lead to illness. FVRCP takes several days to be fully effective. So even if provided on intake, can not be fully preventive (of those diseases it is intended to address). Thanks.

  8. It is my understanding that Manslick is just a perfect storm of problems. Filth, sick animals left untreated, over crowding, and fear minus compassion from the head folks have led to this unfortunate and unnecessary suffering of innocent animals. Those who do care have been silenced and intimidated. The “yes” woman, Jackie just sits on the phone and tells everbody it’s so hard and she so busy. She kisses ass and does nothing. It was only a handful of people doing the work of many. I hope whoever gets the head job takes a serious look at tbe staff and gets rid of Meloches’ trash.

  9. They are not overcrowded because they kill animals for time and space while cages sit empty. I am so tired of this. No one in power cares!! They do not care about homeless humans, the mentally ill, the poor. why would we expect them to care about animals. If the people in power would just see that this is all systemic, then we would live in a mu h better society. We are only as powerful as our weakest links.

  10. Turner- I can believe it if some of them have done time there. If they are saying that all these cats come through the door ill- no way. The conditions they are kept in making them sick? Oh yeah, I can see it and I know firsthand what stress can do to an already compromised animal. I have been inside and it was one of the most sickening, depressing experiences I’ve ever had.

    We all know animals are going to be destroyed here. At issue is how many WHY and WHY those who want to help and want to save lives are denied and thwarted at every turn and WHY our newly elected Mayor is doing jack squat about fixing this. Its unconscionable ineptitude and if he can’t fix something as obvious as this this city is up shit creek. Anyone calling the shots at LMAS while this has been allowed to continue needs to go. NOW.

  11. If the situation is truly as bad as these posts are making it out to be, and I have no reason to doubt anyone, then the magic question is, “why are the sidewalks empty in front of LMAS facilities?”

    Seriously, if the situation is dire and animals are being needlessly killed, then why haven’t the people posting on this site raised their arms up in anger, shouted “ENOUGH” and protested the facilities?

    I challenge everyone reading this thread and the others to do something constructive about the problem. Call or write your elected council official. Literally, light up the phone lines. Drop a dime on the media and get WHAS or FOX or CJ out there doing onsite reports. AND get your bodies out there on the sidewalks in front of the LMAS facilities. Yes, it means getting involved, actually getting off your computer to hold a sign or yell chants, but ask yourself, “what would have happened if the founding fathers just sat around in the tavern whining about taxes instead of actually getting up and DOING something about it?”

    You want LMAS changed?? What are you going to do about it today? Make one phone call. Send one email. Stop hiding behind your online persona and let the government know you’re angry and want this situation changed. Because if you don’t… no one will.

  12. Really? A protest? What’s that going to resolve? This is Louisville, Kentucky. You can stand on the sidewalks til the cows come home and nothing will happen.

    The reality is that 99% of the people commenting here ARE at LMAS on a weekly if not daily basis.

    They’re all complaining to electeds on a regular basis.

    And several media outlets have done on-site visits regularly.

  13. @Jake

    I’m sorry you feel that way. Protesting worked for a lot of causes, and I hate to see it’s value tarnished because people are losing faith in it’s power.

    Personally, I do feel it works, but it has to be a strong protest. 5 people with hacked signs is not gonna cut it. A protest is most effective when it combined local media coverage, large numbers of protesters, and leadership. Yes… leadership to deliver a well-crafted message that appeals to the emotional side of the public. You need to anger people before they are going to get motivated to join up. The sad truth is… no one cares until they have a personal stake in it, so make it personal. Get graphic if you have too. Have those LMAS houndogs you claim are at the facilities every week snap some pics of the incinerator or a stack of carcasses.

    People, you have the power, you just need to realize it, and do something about it. The only reason I’m continuing to post here is the hope that enough readers “get it” and do something about it. Get organized. Get BIG. Get out there and then, then we’ll see how effective sidewalk stepping can be.

  14. Sorry I feel that way?

    If you think protesting in Louisville solves anything in 2011 – other than making the participants feel better – then you haven’t been paying attention.

    Displays of emotion in large numbers don’t do anything to sway the powers that be here. It’s just empty hope on your part if you think they care.

  15. You’re right. People like me, the ones that have hope and rely on tried and tested means of civil disobedience, are NOT effective agents of change.

    Good luck.

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