Let’s Build A Dead Chicken Statue Or Whatever

It’s a shame the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission didn’t see fit to do what it said it was going to do and investigate whatever was up with Life At Ten. Somebody needs to light a fire somewhere. [Paulick Report]

The University of Louisville hopes to combat teen pregnancy. [84WHAS]

If you’re free on February 17, you should consider going to Frankfort to take part in the annual Children’s Advocacy Day. [Page One]

The folks at LEO love them some “breaking” headlines – and they’re all over PETA building a crippled chicken statue in the highlands. We’d write about it, since we got the same press release, but why expend the energy? I (Jake) am a 20-year vegetarian and think this mess, while hilarious and noble, is a waste of time and money. What an eyesore. I’m betting the thing is vandalized in no time flat. [FatLip]

Jesus, why don’t we just drain the damn Ohio River? Forget about the damn bridges. [WHAS11]

If only this were true about Kentucky’s theme park future. Hilarious. But we wish it were true. [LEO Weekly]

Really, the Fischer folks are still having a meltdown over criticism. Shame on me for questioning more than $150,000 spent on a single day for a single ego. Shame on me for questioning whether or not any public dollars were spent during a recession. It was just a tiny little party, right? No harm, right? Ha. [We Still Get Comments]

Greg Fischer is currently experiencing a fancy media honeymoon. Right now it’s all about how he is the king of snow removal preparation. [WAVE3]

Members of the Jefferson County Board of Education are defending the student assignment plan. Something tells me that’s not going to go over too well. [FOX 41]

How has the recession changed us? Take a look at all these charts. [The Atlantic]

That’s right. Louisville is among the worst cities to find a job. 26th out of 30. One spot worse than Cincinnasti. [FatLip]

2 thoughts on “Let’s Build A Dead Chicken Statue Or Whatever

  1. Yeah, let’s forget about new bridges. I think it would be better to wait until people are serious about it. If things keep going as they are, we’ll get a couple of toll-affixed, box-beam monstrosities in the wrong locations.

  2. Since when did the owner of 1578 Bardstown Road own the sidewalk in front of his building? That is news to me. Sidewalks are public right of way. Imagine if every owner on Bardstown Road wanted such crap and the city went along with it? Louisville would become a joke. Where is Bardstown Road Overlay?
    If Couzins wants to allow the statue inside his building where people can see it as they pass by fine, otherwise it should not be allowed. Because the city will have a huge lawsuit on its hands the first time someone is killed in traffic on Bardstown Road trying to go around that ignorant statue.
    Sidewalks are public right of ways, not private property. The City should have the guts to stop this nonsense. Call Tom Owen and the Mayor today.

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