Jerry’s Event Was Way Less Circus-Esque, Really

Want to win tickets to the Actors Theatre-Second City production of It Takes A ‘Ville!? Here’s your chance. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Here’s what we said on Page One last night about the Andrew Compton update: Horrific news on the Andrew Compton front: LMPD says they found areas where blood had been cleaned up in the home of Gregory O’Bryan. This sad and terrifying saga continues. Here’s hoping they find Andrew’s body. If you read the story in A Kentucky Newspaper, you’ll develop quite a rage. So be sure to check out the latest story. [WAVE3]

Greg Fischer cited three goals for his new administration: better education, health and compassion. [FOX 41 & WFPL]

Here’s how Reuters is looking at Greg Fischer’s inauguration. [Reuters]

Some people love the way Louisville smells like acrid, burning rubber when it’s super-cold outside. Some people love the way downtown smells after the hog slaughtering factory flushes about ten million gallons of hog guts into the river. Others love Blue Dog because it is flipping amazing. [More Consuming Louisville]

Today Greg Fischer will announce his “key hires” – which will likely be folks that already work for Metro Gubmint or state gubmint. [FOX 41]

Here’s footage of Jerry Abramson being sworn into office as mayor in 1985. It was no circus. [WHAS11]

Locals haven’t read too much about it, but, uh, there is a Northern Kentuckian who is aiding and abetting terrorists. [Page One]

A Kentucky Newspaper apparently asked a single family who the most powerful person in Louisville happens to be. It’s no surprise that they all named their family members or super-close friends. Don’t worry, this isn’t a link to the paper. Here’s betting State Rep. Larry Clark is ticked his name isn’t mentioned. There’s only one person on that list who thinks/wishes he were the most powerful and it’s not Greg Fischer or Mitch McConnell. The real power brokers don’t even get a mention, which is good. [Scribd]

Heard from representatives of The Healing Place that the organization did remarkably well during its five-week fundraising campaign. Final numbers will be released soon and this entire community is to be thanked. [Email Report]

4 thoughts on “Jerry’s Event Was Way Less Circus-Esque, Really

  1. Second that, Earl. I read that link and wondered how they could have missed Dave Armstrong. Honestly, would it have been that hard to research and find that information?

  2. I cannot believe the circus that was the new mayor’s inauguration. Did they think he was elected president? Do we need any stronger indication that Louisville is a fourth class city? The mayor who would be king and his courtiers–I hope this is not an indication of future events.

  3. Left ole Dave out!! What a shame. Why if there wasn’t a gov’mint he’d never had a job. Oh I forgot. He was hired by UofL to teach a course in ‘leadership.’ Sorry I missed it, that must have been a hoot.

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