It’s Metro Government Employee Speculation Time

Guess who is selling his fancy boat on Craigslist:


Originally posted during the work day on Metro Government time:

As if he doesn’t have a major scandal or two to handle during the work day. Taking time to sell personal items on Craigslist. And you think he’s taking his job seriously.

Note: While I have email proof he discussed the sale of his boat during working hours, I can’t post it without compromising the identity of our sources.

12 thoughts on “It’s Metro Government Employee Speculation Time

  1. I am totally surprised that Craig’s List is not blocked by the Metro “net nanny”. Lord knows lots of “education” sites are, especially from California. don’t ask me why…..

  2. Cave – the allegation does not necessarily say the offer was posted from Metro offices with a Metro computer, only that the sale of the boat was discussed during working hours. For that matter, our new Mayor was not yet a Metro employee at the time of the posting on 12-30, which raises more questions that I will leave for the Fischer police to address.

  3. EASILY posted with a BlackBerry or iPhone or some other device. But likely done on Metro puters.

    Still done on Metro time. Meaning we paid for it.

  4. We were also told that during the ice storm he used Dismiss workers to help him during the work day install a generator at his personal residence. Meanwhile, the animals freeze.

  5. This guy should be charged with stealing, he’s supposed to be dedicated to commiting his time to the position he’s in charge of, if he’s spending the taxpayers time on personal projects like selling items he buys and sells on the internet,he’s not only cheating the City, but the animals he’s responsible for.
    I bet He’s had multiple ads of items for sale in the past, i’d guess he has composed,answered emails and calls ,left his post at work to meet people to show items,and buy & sell ALL on the City’s time.
    If a police officer was sitting arround on his beat doing the same thing insted of patrolling his beat. He’s receive disiplinary action! Why would this Guy be treated any different?
    Isn’t what he’s doing called “Double Dipping”! Hell he might as well have an outside sales job!
    Just suspend this guy and ,leave him suspended till a compleate investigation can be conducted.

  6. Tell me something? Why isn’t the Mayor, past & present, The Metro Council , and any other administration part of the City that would have standing in this kind of matter , stood up and make a demand for “Stop” order. Just like they do at “IPL” when they give a stop work order. Surely someone has the Nuts to stop the Maddness!…..They sure would if you were operating a personal business that they thought was in VIOLATION!

  7. Would you prefer the mayor just take a pass on any business responsibility after 5:00pm? Do you want him to punch a time clock and get overtime if he attends to any Metro business after hours? Just when is the mayor allowed to conduct personal business or have a personal life? The Mayor is the mayor 24-7, so I guess you can say anything he does of a personal nature is done on company time. Geez, feel free to complain about any city business that is done or undone but those complaints should stand on their own merit, and have nothing to do with personal matters.

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