Heads-Up: 7th Annual Children’s Advocacy Day

This is something I’ve mentioned quite a bit on Page One, as we’re a sponsor, so listen up.

The 7th Annual Children’s Advocacy Day, put on by Kentucky Youth Advocates, will take place in Frankfort on February 17.

You may read all about the day by clicking here. It’s your chance to show legislators that Kentucky cares about its youth and that THEY should care, as well.

If you have the ability to go to the State Capitol on the 17th? Please consider doing so. Make your voice heard, no matter your politics.

1 thought on “Heads-Up: 7th Annual Children’s Advocacy Day

  1. If you can go, take your student with you! While we adults talk about what is important to our kids, we need to remember that they can speak for themselves. Check with your child’s school to see if this is an excused absence, as it should be considered educational (democracy in action). But if for whatever reason you are unable to go, print out those “education dollars” (avail at KYA website) and give to students to fill out, then send to KYA or the PTA to deliver. You can find out who your Rep/Senator is via the LRC website, and make an appt, esp.if you are able to take students with you. If you time it right you might be able to sit in for a work session. Finally, as Jake indicates as a sponsor, your sponsors sure could use your support too. Kids matter, and these groups work hard every day on their behalf with little or no support/recognition.Thanks for reminding everyone about this!

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