Frankfort Is Like An Alien Nation Inside Kentucky

Kentucky is one of only two states where individuals may openly carry a gun into the state’s legislative chambers. You read that correctly. We’ve been covering this issue for years. [Page One]

So OF COURSE Steve Beshear is a-okay with folks openly carrying guns inside legislative chambers. And you folks get pissy when I legitimately criticize him. You should be ashamed. [AP]

The Associated Press has finally caught on to the John Deasy job in Los Angeles. The Robert Felner scandal lives. [San Francisco Chronicle]

Do you qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit? Then apply for it. Governor Steve Beshear held a press conference to discuss it yesterday – in a grasp at political points – but it was still a good move. [Press Release]

Greg Stumbo isn’t afraid to tell people to stop smoking in cars with children. But he’s afraid to talk about allowing guns in Frankfort’s legislative chambers. [H-L]

Do you think Bill Samuels (HINT KIRBY ADAMS HINT) will send us about 4,000 bottles of Makers 46 to mark his retirement from Maker’s Mark? [FOX 41]

Dear cops: Threatening handicapped folks in line at McDonald’s with your gun is a great way to make a bad name for the entire police force. Stop it. One idiot shouldn’t get to ruin life for everyone. [WAVE3]

The 2011 Kentucky Derby Festival Royal Court has been announced. Caitlin Carter of Big Spring, Katie Huber of Glasgow, Trisha Maclin of Marion, Laura Don Oliver of Princeton, Lauren Smith of Lexington, Kara Schultz of Louisville. [WHAS11]

Car-Free Happy Hour takes place tomorrow from 5:30 to 8:00 in Germantown. [Consuming Louisville]