Fischer’s Unlikely To Take A Lead From Lexington

It’s a cold day in hell when I am defending a BUSH OFFICIAL against the now-disgraced and rotting/dead Kentucky Democratic Party, which is lead by a Republican. A cold day in jesus hell. If someone competent doesn’t take over the KDP and communication for the Democrats soon, I am going to lose my mind. [Page One]

Beginning tomorrow morning you’ll be able to read Greg Fischer’s first state of the city address. [Click the Clicky]

Lexington Mayor Jim Gray highlighted the negatives and embarrassing problems Lexington faces and he addressed them head-on. Will Greg Fischer have the guts to bring up any negatives in Louisville? [H-L]

WLKY’s spelling failure on the New York Jets/Jew York Jets front is getting bigger and bigger. It’s now on Failblog. [Failblog]

Rand Paul proposes eliminating HUD and everything else. Something tells me this isn’t going to go over so well with Kentuckians. [Ryan Alessi]

Here’s what Congressman John Yarmuth had to say about last evening’s State of the Union address: “Tonight was about the difficult choices we face as a nation, and President Obama mapped out an ambitious plan for fiscal responsibly that focuses on programs that are critical to our economic recovery. In Louisville, federal investments have revitalized manufacturing at Ford and Appliance Park, leading to the creation of thousands of jobs. If we do not continue to make these investments in innovation as well as education and infrastructure we will essentially surrender our nation to our global competitors.” [Press Release]

The Jefferson County Teachers Association is pushing for its leaders to be on the search committee to find a new superintendent for Jefferson County Public Schools. Why would anyone want the folks who are trying to KEEP Sheldon Berman to find his replacement? We’re all about teachers, but come on. [WAVE3]

Jennifer Lawrence was nominated for an Oscar for her performance in Winter’s Bone. Yet another local actress making it big. Something to make us proud during these frigid months. [FOX41]

You may view a trailer for Winters Bone by clicking the link at the end of this line. [YouTube]

Um, I’m not entirely sure that Falls City beer is something that beer lovers flock to? But cool that it’s coming to Baxter Avenue. [Consuming Louisville]

10 thoughts on “Fischer’s Unlikely To Take A Lead From Lexington

  1. JCTA’s Brent McKim stage-managed the entire search that brought SB here. All we need is another disaster like that one. AND they are still trying to get a revote on SB. In any district with a snowflake of courage, SB would have been terminated for insubordination. Go find the paper/phone trail, Jake.

  2. Speaking as a beer lover, I have tried the new Falls City Pale Ale and I like it very much. It is nothing like the nasty-tasting Falls City beer of old. I’m looking forward to checking out the new place on Baxter.

  3. The teachers should have a voice on the new Super but it shouldn’t be McKim or anyone he appoints on the committee. Let folks volunteer and let the teachers vote on who they want. McKim may manipulate that too but there is no other fair way that I see to involve teachers. After the mess McKim and Berman pulled before the elections with Tobo that should have told everyone what they needed to know about those two. McKim backs Berman because JCTA can push him around. Unions are usually good for the workers but should leave politics to the lying and cheating folks that are ready to sell their souls for a little fame. McKim is a joke and should be removed immediately. Any teacher paying dues to JCTA is helping this mess along and the only reason they are afraid to speak out is because they don’t really care or they are afraid for their jobs. It is not JCTA but it is McKim and the leadership that are the issue. We want Berman back because we can tell him what to do and even more so after you were fired. Could you imagine what puppet Berman would be to McKim if he was reinstated? You think JCPS is a joke now?

  4. As long as brewers are faced with ridiculous label taxes in Kentucky, we’ll be forced to sit on our hands waiting for all the good stuff. Many terrific beer producers just ignore Kentucky because of it all.

  5. There’s already a lot of stuff being brewed right here in river city(s) that’s exponentially better than what some seem to be waiting for.

    With all due respect, waiting for Yeungling in Louisville is like sitting at Papalino’s complaining that Papa John’s doesn’t deliver to your neighborhood.

  6. So Rand Paul wants to get rid of HUD? I guess he favors getting rid of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac too?
    I guess Paul only wants rich people to be able to buy homes, because if Fannie and Freddie go away, so will your ability to buy a home on a 15 year or 30 year fixed mortgage. The wealthy among us do not get long term mortgages to buy homes. But Republicans represent rich people. Just average class working Joe gets mortages to live the American dream.
    Last week Michelle Bachmann said the founding fathers stopped slavery, now Paul wants to stop your ability to get a long term mortgage. Wake up America and challenge people like Paul and Bachmann keep making things up. If we continue to be ignorant we get what we deserve.

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