Fischer Calls For Complete LMAS Review

Greg Fischer is calling for a top-to-bottom review of Metro Animal Services.

Here’s the release:

LOUISVILLE (Jan. 7, 2011) – Citing lingering concerns over animal welfare and public safety, Mayor Greg Fischer today ordered a top-to-bottom review of Metro Animal Services and announced that his administration will immediately launch its promised search for a new permanent director of the agency.

The review is the second that Fischer has announced, following Public Works and Assets, to ensure that city departments are operating at their best.

The review will examine how Animal Services cares for animals, policies and procedures for euthanasia and will track the city’s adoption rate in recent years. The review will benchmark Louisville’s animal welfare and control efforts with other cities nationwide and look for best practices.

“As mayor, I want every city department to be the best in the world, and I believe that we can work together to improve Animal Services,” Fischer said. “The city has already made significant strides with the recent opening of the new adoption center in Newburg, but I believe we need to do even better.”

Sadiqa Reynolds, Chief of Community Building, will oversee the effort, which will include input from government employees and private citizens. She will immediately begin consulting with community and Animal Service leaders on the review and name a review team before Jan. 28.

Fischer said Animal Services Interim Director Wayne Zelinsky will remain in the role while the review is being conducted.

“I want to decrease the homeless pet population, reduce euthanasia and increase adoption rates – and we can look to other cities to see how they’ve accomplished those goals,” Fischer said.

He’s meeting with the press at 3:30 to answer questions.

EXTREMELY good move on Fischer’s part. Good move. Positive start.

12 thoughts on “Fischer Calls For Complete LMAS Review

  1. This is a very positive step from Mayor Fischer. I am happy to cheer him on when he does the right thing.

    Now, for the negative thought, and it’s for our last mayor — Why couldn’t Mayor Jer have done this? Why was he so unable to do such a natural governing task that even Greg Fischer realized was sorely needed?

  2. i believe Fischer has made the first correct move to solve this cluster$&@? but can he continue to do steps 3, 4, and 5? Calling a press conference late in the day on a Friday is easy. Will Fischer and his staff properly investigate, hold people accountable, clean house and hire the right folks? His transition team was a show, his hiring practices for the new admin. was a show, his swearing in was a show. It’s no longer a show. This is the real day. Can he handle it? If actually Fischer hired young passionate and driven folks from community instead of the same ole crew this crap wouldn’t happen. It’s time to put up or shut Greg. What’s it gonna be?

  3. I’m impressed on this one. It appears that he’s decided to avoid ‘task forceism’ and assign his employees to the examination. That’s good, too. With all the available information, which this site has provided, including the multiple civil lawsuits — the examination shouldn’t take very long.

  4. WE need to watch City Hall closely to be sure Mayor Fischer brings about the change that is so desperately needed. No smoke and mirrors!

  5. As a matter of fact, I believe that this investigation needs to find our WHY action was not taken on all this by Happy Pants. This is one instance where the brohaha has been public for months on end — and the entire thing just ‘dangled.’ There’s SOME REASON and the public’s entitled to know what it is — even if it’s ‘personal’ to Happy and his confidants.

  6. The former Mayor was a lame duck for the past few years. He hung on to the status quo like some aging despot. Mayor Fischer has a real interest in fixing this problem. We in Louisville are known by the nature of our city. Even Shelbyville has a “No Kill” policy, but we are sadly lacking in this area. All of the Arts, Theater, Orchestra, Sports, Dining, and other attractions of Louisville suffer if the city has a tarnished reputation. It doesn’t take much. Too much crime? Our appeal as a city goes down. Same with garbage pick-up, schools, roads, taxes, and all government agencies. How can we present ourselves as a World Class City, if we can’t even find a humane solution to our homeless animal problem? Wayne Zelinsky, Rebbecca Riggs, Jackie Gulbe, and Holly Hood are directly and personally responsible for this huge and unsightly blot on Louisville’s name. In their effort to collect a city paycheck while doing no work at all, they have created this mess. It is insult to injury that they now are trying to deny any wrong-doing. Wayne hangs out in his office all day surfing the internet, reading the paper, and flirting with Holly, Jackie pours out his deception on the public, and Rebbecca and Holly sign off on adoptable animals all day long. Rebbecca has even taken it upon herself to ban the “Animal House” shirts from the new facility from being worn at Manslick. She says she doesn’t want people to know that they are affiliated. How telling is THAT? She and her cronies have actually tried to make it policy that Manslick is to be regarded as a “non-entity”. She wants “Animal House” to be her own little pet project. She has ordered all adoptable animals to be taken from Manslick to the new facility. The employees at Manslick are designated as “persona non grata”, because they don’t want the public to look at what happens there. You want a dog from Metro? You have to go to Animal House to apply, even if the animal is at Manslick. It’s more red tape to keep them from having to handle the adoptions, since it is FAR easier to initial off on them to be killed. They want to use the new facility as a mask to hide their nefarious doings at Manslick. Well, thank God for Mayor Fischer. He is going to pry away the facade that has been erected to cover their deceit, and I’ll bet what lies underneath will not stand up too well in the cold light of day. One day soon, Holly, Wayne, Rebbecca, and Jackie will be out on their ears. It couldn’t be soon enough!

  7. As a citizen, I want to know (and am entitled to know) why this wasn’t investigated before. That’s all I’m saying. Like Jack Webb on Dragnet, “Just the fact’s Ma’am, Just the facts.” And if they lead to personal relationships between the Pants’ administration and this mess — ‘just the facts, ma’am, just the facts.

  8. Why is Wayne Z. and his partners in crime still on the City payroll. Suspend them w/0 pay and put those that actually care in charge. There are at least 10 volunteers more qualified then these useless bloats. I’ll work for free just so these clown won’t continue to add to the mess.

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