Fischer Administration Try To Silence LMAS Mess

Greg Fischer’s upper-level employees are working like mad to silence the drama at Louisville Metro Animal Services.

Several LMAS employees have come forward to say that they were directed by Allison Woosley and Sadiqa Reynolds to utilize the chain of command if they have concerns. And, of course, to stop talking to the press. (All right for bad damage control.)

Why? Because they say they’re not going to be able to find another job for Wayne Zelinsky if any additional dirt hits the media. They made it clear that while they don’t want to maintain Zelinsky in a management capacity, they want him to remain on staff at LMAS.

Fischer’s people want LMAS employees to go directly to Zelinsky – of all people – to make any concerns they’ve got known. The very guy the complaints are about. Because that will obviously improve the situation.

How’s that for change you can believe in? That’s on top of the “review committees” Fischer has pieced together that consist of friends of both Meloche and Zelinsky. And on top of Zelinsky threatening staff members during a meeting yesterday to discuss the photos leaked to FOX 41 – meaning he’s a terrific leader.

I’ve got a pro-tip for those folks: You’re turning into something that’s worse than Gilles Meloche and Jerry Abramson. This mess isn’t going away. Things like THIS and THIS are going to continue hitting the media until something positive happens.

It’s time for the Christie Browns of the world to step up to the plate and tell Greg Fischer to get off his bureaucratic butt to resolve this embarrassing matter. It’s not a simple disagreement among warring factions. It’s nearly all LMAS employees coming forward on a regular basis – in tears – unable to function because of the way that branch of Metro Government is handled. These are people who – gasp – want to do their jobs (or they wouldn’t be in that excrement hole).

It’s also time for Metro Council President Jim King to step in. And anyone else on Council who gives two flips out this city. Tina? Dan? Kelly?

It is my opinion that both Wayne Zelinsky and Jackie Gulbe need to be fired immediately. Then any of the staffers who are problematic? Fire them, as well. It won’t be tough to weed them out.

This is a simple department of a mid-sized metro government. Why can’t we fix this? Jesus H. There’s no time like the present.

22 thoughts on “Fischer Administration Try To Silence LMAS Mess

  1. What? Get rid of Jackie Gulbe? Then who would do the TV interviews that everything is hunky doory at LMAS?
    She campaigned hard for Fischer, so that is not going to happen. She wants to take over and be the head dog warden. But in reality, she needs to go!

  2. I agree. Jackie Gulbe does so little work that she actually has evaded any responsiblity for this mess. If you consider taking your OWN dogs on a show for adoptable dogs work, well, she is a workaholic. Hello Jackie!! YOUR DOGS HAVE HOMES THEY DO NOT NEED TO BE ON TV!!

  3. Here is my thinking, the longer this drags on it will eventually stick to Mayor Jerry since it started under his watch. So Greg, not only are you screwing up your 4 years, your also screwing up Jer’s as I would use this mess against him in the general. Fischy has shown his ineptness in a month. You must be proud of your premature screw-up. I gave you six months before you screwed up. You have inclement weather and a mess at one of your deparments and you no where in sight. In DC for your own benefit not for Louisville. The new mayor in Lexington is also screwing up bit I give him props for being proactive and reassuring his city the are on top of handling the conditions. Not a peep from you.

  4. When this horrible mess first reappeared on Fischer’s watch, I was really repulsed by how condescending Zelinsky seemed, especially in light of very serious concerns.
    Gulbe seems to be biding her time until her cushy retirement, vascillating between defensive & apathetic. Was that very brief marriage a turning point? None of the eagerness or empathy she displayed in the ’80s or early ’90s.

  5. This is getting worse by the day. Can the Kentucky Human Society get involved in any way possible? This is animal cruelty and that is what they are supposed to help with. What about the National Headquarters of the ASPCA? I emailed them 2 days ago and they said if “you suspect an animal being treated cruel, you should report it to the local Animal Control authorities.” This was in their helpful hints section. I asked them who do I report it to when it is the Animal Control people who are doing the abusing. Haven’t heard a word yet. I guess since Fischer has kept all of Jer’s same old cronies, nothing will change. It’s just going to be the same old same old in Jefferson County. We really needed a change and unfortunately, we didn’t get it. I commend you Jake for keeping this front and center. There are many, many animal lovers who will remember those who turned their backs on these helpless creatures and their voices will be heard loud and clear. The person or persons who take charge and do something about Zelinsky and Gulbe will certainly be heroes in this community and you will certainly be remembered as one who cared. Keep it coming.

  6. Honest question: why would it be in Abramson’s or Fischer’s interest to maintain a sub-par LMAS? Why wouldn’t it be in their self-interest to look like a animal loving hero?

  7. For the life of me, I can’t make rhyme or reason out of this entire situation. I thought that Patti Swope was a ‘big’ Humane Society person and she’s on the Fischer Committee. She’s no shrinking violet, either — I can’t imagine that she’d put up with a ‘no-call’ on this one.

  8. Leading with ignorance and arrogance has moved this community backwards. The money in this town care are just as cowardly as Fischer. All talk all money and no heart. The only people this town needs to look up to and stand up for, are the ones that have stepped up to do something about LMAS. To those volunteers and to those on staff that are doing all they can. Thank you! To those who can do something and haven’t well shame on you. Your silence is loud and clear, you care only about yourself. I have reached out national organizations hoping they can help. It’s clear Louisville leaders are too cowardly to step up and clean house and save a life of a defenseless and voice less animal.

  9. Intimidation and retaliation…. The unspoken rule of MAS…. Employees are living in constant fear for their jobs. Will things ever change?

    How much longer can these people be expected to fight the good fight?

    Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? Because it’s feeling very dark.

  10. This is the MODEL situation where the President of the Metro Council should be “Doing the Right Thing” and getting front and center & leading the Charge, he should declare this an “Emergency”, hire an outside expert to evaluate the conditions & performance of MAS. Can the Bozos and FIX the Problem.

  11. You hear that, JIM KING? Here’s your chance.

    Since Greg Fischer’s trying to silence the whistle blowers, what are you gonna do? Ignore the situation?

  12. Fischer could take a leaf from the JCPS book–move failed administrators to Van Hoose, pay them big salaries, and keep on keeping on. If they need a job for Mr. Zelinsky, bring him to Metro Central and let him work for the Mayor. this community gets the leadership it asks for,

  13. So, why aren’t they worried about finding jobs for the DOZENS of dedicated and decent shelter workers who have been fired and harassed by Meloche and Zelinsky for the last 6 years?

    When did job placement for failed employees become an official government function? One that us taxpayers are supposed to pay for? And our animals allowed to pay for it with their lives?

    Why wasn’t Metro Government concerned that Meloche lied in front of a hearing board when he tried to strip Bobby Risinger–a 29 year City veteran–of his pension?

    Perhaps it’s for the same reason all this bad behavior has been condoned from the beginning: Meloche somehow had enough goods on Jerry to destroy his political career.

    His “like gay love” comment was a veiled public warning that if Jerry didn’t protect him (allow him to resign, get his former boss Rudy Davidson to write some bullcrap ‘attaboy’ and publish it in the CJ as an “editorial” to help Meloche find a job out of state as well has hand him a big cash prize and unlimited unemployment compensation), that Meloche would spill the beans on whatever he REALLY knew about Jerry.

    And now, Meloche’s #2 (who is nearly as evil and disgusting as his former master), is threatening to do the same.

    Why do you think both Meloche and Zelinsky have the same smirking, “I’m untouchable” expression? Because they ARE untouchable. As long as Jerry wants them to be.

    And, apparently, whatever Jerry wants, Greggy does.

    If you really want this resolved on the side of truth and justice my friends, then there’s only one thing TO do: get the national media involved. They’ll rip the lid off this joint and send the cockroaches scurrying!

    Mayorgate: The Scandal. Where a naive businessman from the Land of Dineysore Park unwittingly becomes the sacrificial lamb for the sins of the former mayor.

    How will it end? Let’s hope we can tune in to 60 Minutes and find out.

  14. I don’t think it’s fair to assume Fischer’s first term as mayor is dead in the water because of his handling/lack of handling/attempt to cover up the problems at Metro Animal Services.

    But it should serve as a wake-up call to the people who were misinformed and nasty during the general election when I (much to my dismay) accurately told them what was going to go on with Greg and LMAS.

  15. Remember that Fischer lost both River Road precincts that housed his strongest and wealthiest supporters. The west end needs to make amends by seeing that things like LMAS are taken care of. Without them, the Mayor would be Hal Heiner.

  16. Why do they HAVE to find a job for Zelinsky? Why can’t he be let go like any other person who doesn’t do their job? He must really have something on somebody to be held in such high regard that they want him to stay on in some capacity. Maybe we should try to contact Rescue Ink an organization out of New York that looks into and rescues abused animals. Maybe that will bring some National attention. Any other suggestions as to how to get it in the news outside Louisville?

  17. Fischer is the mess. He has mishandled the LMAS issue and given in to the River Fields group by agreeing to reduce the capacity of the East End Bridge so the downtown area can be more divided by a wide highway dividing our city with more noise and pollution.

    He does not understand real people.

  18. A lot of people voted for Fischer for his promise to change MAS. Now, just like most politicians, he is trying to get cover up the problem and not fix it. Shame on you Fischer!!! WHY are you telling people to stop going to the media?????? Do what you promised up and we will stop!!

  19. I wish I could say that I am surprised by the most recent LMAS developments. I, (like many of you) only voted for Greg Fischer because he PROMISED to fix the horrific situation spawned by the likes of Zelinsky, Holly, Rebbecca, and Jackie. I suppose the question on everyone’s mind is, where do we go from here? It is obvious that the Mayor either has passed the buck to his inept subordinates, and is unaware of their idiotic plans (unlikely), or he is intentionally trying to keep Cap’n Dipshit and the other cretinous vermin around. What would be the purpose of that? This slap-headed waste of space has two sexual harassment lawsuits against them, fired someone recently who filed a sexual discrimination complaint against that department, and is having an ongoing affair with one of his staff members. What could he possibly “have” on Metro Government that would precipitate a plan to keep him in place. That’s BEFORE you get to his mass slaughter of animals, accounting irregularities, etc. What does it take? What can we as a community do to make it abundantly clear that we really mean business? We want this to CHANGE Mr. Fischer. I find it interesting that you are now turning your messages from anonymous informants directly over to Wayne Zelinsky, so that he can ferret out those people at the shelter, and retaliate against them. That’s the epitome of cowardice. Fortunately, Wayne’s police skills (that keep him off of the best and worst of America’s law enforcement agencies), are akin to a keystone cops blooper reel, so no worries that he will ever find out who his many detractors are. He isn’t capable. To my many friends in the animal rescue community, I can only say that we probably need to turn up the heat on the media. Bennett Haeberle at Fox-41 is slugging it out with them and doing a good job of it. None of that candy coated nonsense from the CJ, WHAS, etc. It just doesn’t seem to be enough. We need to up the ante. I have heard that there was talk of a petition to have Wayne, and company removed, and that may be our next step. I value everyone’s input on the matter. Mr. Fischer, do you have any idea the number of animal owners/lovers that live in Louisville? Do you know how this impacts the perception of our city? You don’t respond to waste, fraud, abuse, sexual harassment, and civil litigation? What motivates you, sir? What will it take to get some proper justice meted out against the perpetrators of this farcical scam? I believe that this is simple. I intend to mount a national campaign to boycott the city of Louisville until it straightens out this wasteful and malicious nest of vipers. I encourage everyone to contact rescue groups across the country, and mine them for contacts. I believe that if a boycott has worked for the Olympics, the U.N., and Gandhi, it could work for us. There are many well funded and popular animal rescue groups in this city. We can pool all of our resources, and take this administration to task. We are your constituents. We put you where you are. You made a promise, and you will keep it. If not, we will see you embarrassed on a national level. We will lobby trade shows, conventions, and musical performers. We will make this place as untouchable as Sun City under apartheid. That is how serious we are. How dare you turn your back on people who have come to you because you made them think that it would be okay. People who could make you the hero of this battle, and you try to throw them under the train? That’s pure class. Allison Woosley and Sadiqa Reynolds have directed the sheep back to the wolves, and you think that’s a good idea? He’s just firing them. Got that? Zelinsky has the management style of SS chief Heinrich Himmler, but he has the brains of Joe Dirt. This is not a good combination. Here’s my proposal… You step up, take an interest in this situation, and fire this Faulknerian Idiot Man-Child, or there will be billboards that tell this dirty secret everywhere. Articles, news stories, protesters, the works. We mean to take it nationally. In the meantime, I encourage everyone to consider a petition, and lets make the wording really specific about what needs to be done. Telling Allison Woosley and Sadiqa Reynolds anything is apparently as effective as a doggie door in the giraffe house, and I don’t think that they are adequately conveying the wishes of your constituents. WE DON’T WANT WAYNE AND HIS CRONIES TO REMAIN! Was that clear enough? And not just at LMAS, but ANYWHERE in Metro Government. The man is a lecherous, dishonest, corrupt, lazy, idiot. His skill set is one that can’t manage to run a basic animal shelter on $3 million a year, even when Dismas Charities provides him slave labor to do it with. His solution is to hide what’s going on, adopt out a few puppies and kittens here and there, and incinerate the rest. I don’t remember this as a talking point in the Carnegie Course, do you? Animals are dying, and you want to have “reviews”, and “meetings”. Nice. Glad you enjoyed your trip to Washington, D.C. on our dime. Now that you’re back, how about fixing the business at home like you were hired to do. We still want you to be the hero, and do the right thing. But time to do something meaningful is running out, and the animals are dying and suffering. You don’t want this stuff in the media? Fix it. Push-button fix, you know what to do. To everyone else, remember, LMAS is a public institution. You can request a copy of their records under the Freedom of Information Act of 1974. I encourage everyone to request a copy of as many records as possible, as they have to give it to you. Inundate them with records requests, failure to comply is a violation of Federal Law. Also remember that these are public institutions, so you have the same access there as you do the library. Take your cameras, video recorders, tape recorders, etc. and go to LMAS. Record anything you see and hear that is out of the scope of normal practice. Record the number of times that Rachel screams the “F” word in the front office in front of members of the public in adoptions. Record that Wayne never leaves his office and surfs the net all day (ostensibly still trying to sell his boat on company hours). And post, post, post. We can make this a media event. If shining the cold light of day onto their shameful negligence is what they despise, them lets give them a triple scoop. See you in the Funny Papers!

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